Garden Decor Ideas – Wind Spinners

18 Jul

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As small children wind spinners probably always held some fascination for you. One of the things you could always ask the Grandparents was how to make a wind spinner because they always knew how to make everything out of nothing in the way that your parents never could. You have probably spent many an hour with old washing up liquid bottles making plastic garden wind spinners. They probably never worked that well though and nowadays kids have such high standards they probably want high precision iron stop wind spinners, rather than the do it yourself versions of yesteryear.

Modern Technology

Whatever garden windmills you are looking for, the modern 3D take on the classic wind spinner will almost certainly surprise and delight you, the range available is highly sophisticated technology combined with unique art. Look at Iron Stop for some top of the range twisters to really amaze and delight you. Don’t stop there though; read on for other stockists that I feel will really challenge your concept of this humble garden ornament, which is basically one of the best garden decor ideas in terms of simplicity.

Metal Wind Spinners

The metal wind spinner is a highly developed example of modern research and development and an integral part of your garden art, as well as a good way to keep birds off your seedlings copper wind spinners glinting in the sun as they catch the breeze and twist around provide hours of mesmerising fascination. Nothing captures the imagination of a small boy like a 12” stainless steel dragon wind spinner and most men are small boys at heart and like to really make a go of it by adding a wind spinner motor so even on the stillest day they can recapture the thrill of the playground whirlygig. The girls probably prefer the twisters or the metal wind chimes as they tinkle in the breeze and make music that carries on the wind and seems to suggest the sound of fairies tinkling laughter as they clear up after the secret garden party

Rust Free

The beauty of the modern day technology is you no longer have to put up with rust on your garden ornaments if you choose to pay a little more at the outset. Stainless steel is really the best choice or take a look at Whirlygigs for some great ideas made of wood, birds or insects for example that whirl and turn on a pivot. Again all the metal parts are brass or stainless steel. Garden decor should reflect your personality so do not be afraid to place your favourite likes in your garden. Cool is being you and not going with the trend but finding something you like. Why not check out QVC for all those chimes and see what is out there to compliment your individuality. While you’re at it have a look at Suntwirlers who do an amazing range of designs which really are unique and stunning masterpieces personally created by artists in high quality stainless steel. If you are looking for a .wholesale supplier this is most certainly the place for you.

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