A Water Scarecrow Helps Preserve Your Garden Decor

8 Dec

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Contech Electronics CRO101 Scarecrow Motion-Activated SprinklerHave you ever thought about adding a water scarecrow to your garden? This scarecrow is a nifty little system that keeps the birds away from gardens and pools. It consists of a sprinkler that squirts water for a few seconds and it is activated only when motion is detected. The scarecrow water sprinkler will cover an area of around 10m (wide) by 14m (length) and operates on a 9 volt battery capable of supplying up to three thousand shots and uses very little water in each shot, and it will not affect at all any of the watering methods you use in your garden.

It also will not affect your garden decor, as it is quite small and not very noticeable. Some people use the scarecrow water sprayer for their pools or outdoor water fountains (so pigeons and other birds don’t rest on the borders messing them up). It will shoot water at them when it detects motion without any damage (it is harmless) so your pool can stay nice and clean throughout the summer period or while your are using it.

For best brand jet water spray deterrent check out what your pocket can afford. Contech is probably the most popular one, while Havahart also offers a scarecrow yard sprayer at an affordable price with good consumer reviews. They’re both popular brands with similar prices, Contech’s scarecrow looks more like.. well, a scarecrow.

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Here are the 3 Contech options we’ve chosen:

And here’s the Havahart 5265 Spray Away Motion-Activated Water Repellent:


Our last option is a cheap “scarecrow” by Laguna (Laguna Blue Heron), which can also help the look of your garden decor:


Water scarecrows are being used as a method for conservation in gardens but it is advisable that you do not leave outside during the winter. The water will freeze and damage the scarecrow, so store it inside the shed or somewhere indoors. This device can set you back from $40 to around $100 depending on the specific brand. The beauty is that it doesn’t use any chemicals and it is not complicated to set up as well as being very inexpensive to run. The sprayer shoots water unexpectedly which works extremely efficiently when it comes to scaring off any animals that could damage your garden and keeping the decor at its best. It is also environmentally friendly.

So there is no need for you to be thinking of traps or electric fences which can be quite inhumane to animals. A scarecrow water jet pack and its motion activated sprinkler is a very innovative way for you to take care of your flowers and vegetables and also will “add” to your decor in the sense that you will not have to opt for ugly fences or any other sort of unappealing methods.

When the water is shot, the scarecrow makes a loud noise which also helps to scare the animals away. An added bonus is that the animals associates this experience to the area so they are not likely to return.

A water scarecrow is really easy to set up, and with the best brand jet water spray deterrent listed above you can’t really go wrong. They are very economical to run and will help keep your garden decor at its best!

In Action:

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