Wall Plaques – Providing Indoor and Outdoor Appeal

17 Aug

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A great addition to any house, whether indoors or outdoors are wall plaques. As a decorative accessory, a wall plaque can be used as wall decor inside the home. It can also be used as an outdoor wall art.

Outdoor Wall Plaques

When considering improving the outdoor wall art and the ambience of the house’s exterior, garden wall plaques can be used. They can be used to fit the existing motif of the garden. For instance, if the garden has an Italian motif, then Italian-designed plaques can be used. There are many kinds depending on the composition. A metal wall plaque, as the name indicates, is made of a metal alloy. It can be made of iron or brass. There are also plaques made of stone, marble or wood. When choosing an outdoor plaque, it is good to make sure that it is resistant to rust and to other outdoor elements in order to ensure its longevity.

One great way to expand the look of the garden is to use garden mirrors. Because they reflect images, they are able to create a sense of wider space. If there is enough space, the addition of complimentary garden clocks and a bird bath fountain makes the garden look classic and timeless, much like the famous gardens but within the vicinity of the one’s home. When these are combined with well-chosen plant trellises and beautiful wall plaques, an atmosphere of an expert-designed garden is created.

Wall plaques can also turn simple signs into decorative pieces. For instance, a plaque bearing the family’s crest, surname or even address can be placed outside to alert visitors. A simple “Welcome” wall plaque is enough to make one feel good about being in a new place.

Indoor Wall Plaques

The more popular use of wall plaques indoors is probably the awarding of plaques to recognize people’s achievements within the company. However, indoor wall plaques can also be used within the home.  Inspirational wall plaques can be placed inside the dining room or the family room to encourage the family in their daily activities. For instance, a wall plaque with a classic motto like “Carpe diem” is a great way to remind the family to be always on the look-out for new opportunities.

Another excellent use of indoor wall plaques is giving them as gifts. During a housewarming party or a wedding, a custom-made wall plaque bearing the names of the couple will certainly make them happy. Giving a wall plaque to a particular person with an engraving of that person’s greatest attribute, in a sense – a personalized trophy, is also a sure way of making the person smile e.g. “World’s Coolest Dad” or “World’s Greatest Mom”.

Where to Find Great Wall Plaques

There are many sources of wall plaques but among the best places are Z Gallerie, Things Remembered and Ballard Designs. These places offer a large variety of plaques that can be used either outdoors or indoors, whether to improve the architectural design or the aesthetics of one’s home.

Decorative wall plaques are versatile accessories. Whether it is your garden decor or your indoor accessories, with wall plaques, home becomes a place like no other.

Photo by Jolene00 **Courtesy of sxc.hu


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