Sod Prices per Square Foot – The Cost for an Instant Lawn

14 Mar

Whether you’ve just purchased a new home or have areas in your yard that you want to improve and make greener, you may want to consider sod prices per square foot as opposed to the price of seeding the lawn yourself.  It’s a matter of time and convenience in both cases.  On the one hand, sod is more expensive than seeding, but you get to look at an instant lawn as soon as it has been put in place.  While the instant lawn may be convenient, it can be costly, running anywhere between $0.50 – $1.00 per square foot and you then have to pay for the installation.  You have to consider that in both cases, the ground needs to be prepared so that it is level and rock and weed free.

Sod versus Seed

Sod can’t just be installed and left to fend for itself.  You need to water it constantly and keep an eye on it for the growth of fungus (evidenced by dead circular patches).  When purchasing sod, ensure that it is fresh.  It is best to have sod installed within a day of being harvested to ensure that it will root well.  While it is relatively easy for a homeowner to seed their own lawn, it’s best to have your sod installed by someone who offers professional gardening services.  Ironically, sod prefers areas with cold winters/hot summers or mild winters/hot summers.

Installation and Care

Installation of a sod lawn to enhance your garden decor can run into the hundreds of dollars, so when comparing that cost plus the cost of the sod itself to the price of seeding your own lawn, there is a lot to consider.  Seeding your own lawn will be less expensive, but will require the same amount of preparation and a lot of care and attention once the seed is sown.  A seeded lawn needs regular watering, but even with the best of care, can turn out patchy and you may not be satisfied.  Seed can be spread with special spreaders or through a hose that contains a special agent that helps keep the seed in place (protected from the elements like the wind).

Professional seeding (as opposed to DIY) is much less expensive than using a professional sod installation company.  One thing that is convenient about sod is that you can cut the pieces of sod to fit around things like your walkways, trees, garden fencing or flower beds.  When considering sod prices per square foot versus the cost of seeding your own lawn, you’ll also need to consider the convenience, simplicity and the time you have available to dedicate to the project.

Sod Prices per Square Foot

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