The Scarecrow Water Sprinkler Vs. the Cat and Dog Sonic Repeller

31 May

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The sonic deterrent is a fantastic alternative to the scarecrow water sprinkler or jet pack. The main difference being one works with water and the other with sound. The sound repeller works out to be quite a lot cheaper so you are a bit short on spending money for your garden decor, this practical device will repel any unwanted pets or wild animals like cats, dogs, foxes, birds, squirrels, etc by using a sensor that activates when detecting motion (similar to the scarecrow water sprayer, they are both motion activated).

The sound that the deterrent emits is inaudible to human beings and it is also completely safe and gentle to the animals.

Gentle Solutions

The deterrent works with mains adaptor and can be left outdoors at all times. The sound that emits is one that only animals can hear and it deters them from approaching your lawn. It comes with a push button for testing and the height can be adjusted. The repeller will then only activate when it senses some sort of movement, and so it doesn’t consume battery life while just standing.

It is really your choice to decide which one is best for your garden or outdoor area. The water scarecrow is more expensive and will require a hose to be connected as well as batteries (9v). An advantage with the water sprayer is that they can be great fun during the long hot days in the summer time. The young ones in the family will love playing outdoors!

The motion activated sprinkler will guard the area up to 1000 sq feet and it can shoot around 5000 times on one battery, the cat and dog sonic deterrent will emit a high pitched sound that only animals can hear so it can be very discreet.

Safe and Effective

Both devices are effective, completely safe, very easy to use, eco friendly, free from any chemicals,will work 24 hours (giving you peace of mind while indoors) and should come with full instructions. The scarecrow water jet pack will set you back around $50 while the cat and dog sonic deterrent will cost around half that price.

Check for warranty and also if you need to get accessories like mounting brackets or hose connectors if you choose to purchase the scarecrow water jet.

Well known water scarecrows brands are Havahart and Contech. Check out the mega sonic dog, cat and fox repeller by The Big Cheese who also manufactures a specific sound deterrent just for cats.

**See also fox deterrents for gardens

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