The Scarecrow Water Jet Pack will Keep Your Garden in Pristine Condition

24 May

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Are you finding that constant visits from cats in your local area are causing problems in your garden? If so you have probably tried sprinkling your borders and lawn with traditional deterrents to no avail. Cats can be a real nuisance digging up your delicate plants, but more importantly you may be aware of the terrible implications cat feces can have for pregnant women. If you are not aware you may wish to consider looking up information on the widely documented toxoplasmosis infection. This infection really highlights the need for deterrents and I would recommend a scarecrow water jet pack to free your garden from such potential risks.

This environmentally friendly cat jet spray does not use harmful chemicals, but is a safe and effective cat repellent. A water scarecrow simply uses water to keep your garden free of unwanted visitors, even at night by using an infrared sensor to detect heat and movement.

Quite simply the scarecrow water sprayer helps prevent your garden decor by using a technology that shoots a short sharp spray of water at the intruder. Both the noise omitted by the high pressure jet and the stream of water startle the cat. You will be aware how effective noise is in scaring cats if you have ever used an aerosol spray near a feline friend. They will be off like a shot. The other major dislike for cats is water. So this combination ensures the cats do not make a return visit.

Not a great deal of water is needed to ensure that your garden is cat free, so you do not have to worry about water conservation. Using a standard hose pipe connection and a 9v battery it is a really simple effective addition to any garden blighted by small animals disrupting the tranquility you are attempting to create.

With your new scarecrow water jet pack you will make sure your garden is always looking pristine and free from unwanted visitors. It offers a gentle way of scaring animals away and the beauty of it is that you can rest peacefully without having to peep outdoors all the time knowing that your garden is safe and looking as glorious as it is meant to!

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