Outdoor Roll up Awnings: What you Need to Know

26 May

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With summer fast approaching you will be looking at ways to keep your family safe from the suns harmful UV rays. The outdoor life is healthy and you will want to maximize the time you spend outside, whilst minimizing the potential harm to your loved ones. The precious skin of babies and children will require a total sun block cream but don’t forget the teenagers who long for a bronzed look, they must also use creams to ensure their skin is not exposed and a healthy tan is obtained. Burning is not only extremely unpleasant it is dangerous to all. You may wish to consider roll up awnings as an addition to safety, your home and lifestyle.

Additional Sun Protection

A practical cost effective way of ensuring your family have additional protection is to invest in a roll up awning. This simple way to create outdoor space, be it an outside dinning area or a place for your children to play, patio awnings are an increasingly popular part of any garden decor. With the added benefit of protecting your furniture and carpets inside the home from the suns harmful rays, to find what is best for your outside area look at all the options to establish your needs.

Establishing Needs

There are many roll up awnings shade structures to choose from and depending on budget and need, sensors can detect and automatically open roll up canopies. In addition to protecting your home from the sun, it is also a great security feature if you are away from home, as it gives the illusion your home is occupied. There are basic styles of retractable awnings. The standard, the full cassette, the half cassette and variations on these will suit most. Do you require electrically operated, fully automated, remote controlled or manual? Think about who will be operating the roll up awning before you decide, as whilst patio awnings can be used by young and old alike, your choice will depend on your family members needs.

Choosing your Fabric

Made from aluminum frames the specification can be individual to your requirements or off the shelf. When selecting the fabric for your roll up canopies, be aware that not all fabrics have the sun protection factor you will require. Polyester or acrylics are the popular choice but need to be easy to sponge clean, be rot-proof with additional PU and UV stabilization. The acrylic tends to be slightly more fade resistant than the polyester. Whites and lighter colored fabrics provide less protection than darker fabrics; however the lighter shades repel more heat. Awning fabric replacement is available so if you have bad awnings, do not despair you can quite simply replace the fabric with a new safer replacement fabric. Full instructions on how to make the transformation will be provided if you do not require the full fitting service.

Fitting your Retractable Awning

For the handy amongst you fitting a retractable awning will be quite simple. Companies offer practical advice, guidance and concise instructions to ensure a job well done. Fitting services are also offered to get the complete look finished

Particularly suited to attic spaces aluminum roll up awnings, not only protect your room from the suns glare but have the additional bonus of saving you money on air conditioning in summer. In the winter they can be rolled up to allow the suns rays to heat your room.

The Motor Home

Recreational vehicles (RV) such as the Faulkner ultra, make full use of roll up awnings and can inspire you. Ideas that work on a motor home adding both space and value really can transfer to your garden, patio or yard.

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