Interesting Rock Water Features for the Garden

6 Apr

Rock water features for the garden will create an amazing impact in your outdoor area. You can delegate a corner for your chosen feature or features and bring to life dull areas or places in your garden that don’t seem to have a “purpose”. You can also enhance an existing pond or water feature, creating a water paradises that looks extremely pleasing to the eye as well as adding freshness and a touch of raw nature to your patio or outdoor area.

A water feature can actually add interest to your patio or overall garden decor and the effect is usually rather dramatic as water really adds the effect of making the area seem bigger than what it really is (see garden mirrors). The beauty of adding rocks or features that are rock-alike is that they add certain roughness and the wild to your backyard. Features that resemble stone are impressive as stones bear with them history and a sense of solemnity. Add stoned patio paving for added effect near your feature, it would also act as a guide to your new addition.

There is nothing like the sound of water in any green area, and when this one trickles over stones the effect is that of paradise.


Build it or Buy it?

Rock water features can be purchased already built and all you have to do, really, is find the perfect spot in your garden to place it. Surely you could built your own at home and there are several books that would show you how to do so. If you are the type of person that likes to get down and dirty in the garden, this is by no means the best way for you to get your dream water feature.


Down and Dirty

You would first have to choose the right spot, which is not always going to be your preferred one. Choosing the site is most definitely one of the most important tasks when building your garden pond. You are looking for an area that is clear of any trees or even shrubs, where the sun shines and there is enough space to build a large feature. You can always add pebbles or stones to the edge and a few garden lights in the right place for effect. Next, you have to consider which plants and/or animals are you going to have in your pool/water feature. You don’t want plants that can be a bit too invasive, consider having animals if you’re not the sort of person who is that interested in plants. Frogs, certain type of fish, toads and also newts are not only very useful in the water feature but also they will keep the water nice and clean. For the construction you can choose amongst different materials like concrete, fiberglass or the simple liner. Consider adding containers for the plants for added interested. If you really want to get down and dirty with your project you could even think of adding different levels to your pond. A series of pools, for example, can be fitted on different levels and here is where you can seriously think about waterfalls and/or water streams. A pump can also give it a stream and still have the natural look. It’s not expensive and works rather well. Remember that childlren and safety should go hand in hand so do build a retaining wall (see retaining wall ideas) to make sure the children have no access to the water.


Easy Option

Ready made rock water features for the garden will add all the interest of a constructed one without having to worry about site planning and other nuisances. Choose the right one for your garden, add the right garden furniture around it so you can relax and enjoy the sound of the water while sipping your favorite cocktail any time of the day or night!

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