Great Garden Retaining Wall Ideas to Try Outdoors

10 Sep

When one has a garden which is elevated or inclined, garden retaining wall ideas are a great way to keep it in place. In using a wall-ideas of what materials to use are varied. The main principles behind a retaining wall are the following: it should be strong and durable to withstand gravity and it should allow the outflow of water which collects in the garden.

There are different ideas for retaining wall and these all hold merit. However, one’s outdoor setting also has to be considered when envisioning building walls in the garden. Easy retaining wall ideas can be implemented if the homeowner is inspired enough to beautify and maximize his/her property.

Materials One Can Use

Stone and concrete are most commonly used for building walls. Construction of a retaining wall using these materials usually involves mortar. However, short landscaping walls may not have mortar. They may be made of concrete blocks or masonry units instead. There are many modern styles of these units which are often preformed for the ease of building and designing.

Wood is not the preferred material because it is prone to damage upon water exposure. It can also serve as the home for insects like termites or become the source of food for fungi. This makes it unable to withstand time. While it cannot be used as the wall’s basic material,  it can be used for decorating the wall.

Designs and Ideas

Building a wall which matches the garden decor is best for ensuring the unity of the wall with the rest of the garden. Retaining wall design ideas are varied. One such idea is to build the wall in tiers or steps. This design evens out the pressure on the wall and helps to make it more durable in the long-run. These tiers can then be used as raised flower beds, giving a natural feel to these garden additions.

An outdoor patio can also be built over land levelled by a retaining wall. A pavers ideas can be used to lay out a floor plan which is compatible and connected with the other parts of the house. With a good patio design, what is usually considered as an unusable space becomes optimised and adds value to one’s home.

When a retaining wall is used as garden fencing, its aesthetic value and functionality can be enhanced by outlaying it with bricks and adding engravings, wall plaques and signs.  This idea is often used in countries where hills and mountains are predominant. Additionally, multiple wall systems are used in the neighborhoods in these places to strengthen the structure of the people’s homes and prevent soil erosion and landslides.

These inexpensive retaining wall ideas can be used by the homeowner to enhance the structure of his/her property, maximize elevated spaces and add to the beauty of the home. In general, one can research on how to build a retaining wall in the internet or can refer to the local engineer or architect. The cost depends on the area which needs to be walled in, the material that is going to be used and the manual labor required. With a definite plan and a sufficient budget, a retaining wall can be built properly.

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