Get Durable Resin Patio Furniture for Your Outdoors Areas

26 Nov

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Outdoor garden and patio furniture comes in different materials: rattan, wood, fabric, aluminum, wrought iron, steel and resin. Resin patio furniture is inexpensive, very practical and comes in a great variety of models. From Italian origin, this particular type of furniture does not need any proper maintenance and you can find anything from tables, chairs (stacking and folding – check out resin Adirondack chairs for ultimate quality and style), sofas, strollers, swings and many other items.

The furniture that combine aluminum with resin is also usually of Italian origin, with aluminum pipe structure (anodized or painted) and seat-back plastic resin. The finish used is resin made of wood and metal. Models are usually the folding or stackable type, which makes them very popular for bars and terraces in Mediterranean countries.

By investing in this type of furniture you will not have to spend money every year due to damage caused by the weather. It is comfortable, made for tough use and resistant to the effects of nitrate and chlorine (or just the everyday splashes from regular or inflatable pools). With proper care and cleaning, you can enjoy your resin patio furniture for many years. When you buy your furniture, it should come with maintenance instructions. Do try to follow them as thoroughly as possible, you do want your new acquisition to last as long as possible. Resin furniture not only adds to your garden decor, but it is also one of the most comfortable types, and not only they do not deteriorate easily but is also pleasant to the touch. Try to purchase good quality resin, poor quality one will scratch easily and turn yellow over time.

Resin wicker patio furniture is made of natural fibers. Wicker is more malleable, but can fray badly if it is made of bone or cane. Bamboo and rattan are stronger but more on the expensive side. The advantage is that they support many types of different finishes. Things you have to watch with resin wicker patio furniture would be moisture, fungus and obviously the sun.

The way you take care of your resin outdoor patio furniture is very simple: simply rinse with clean water and allow to dry. Use a mild abrasive product to remove any scratches on the surface. Remove mildew with a mixture of 1 cup of bleach, 2 cups of detergent and a gallon of water.

Resin wicker patio furniture can be cleaned with a hose or pressure washer. Simply remove the cushions and hose away the dirt with water pressure. If the wicker is very dirty, use a sponge, mild soap and cold water for rinsing. Allow the furniture to dry completely and then apply wax to the frame to keep it shiny and waterproof. Some types of wicker, resistant to the weather, are much easier to maintain. Keep cushions indoors during the winter seasons and cover the frames when they are not in use.

Plastic resin patio furniture is definitely the best choice for your outdoor areas if you are looking for inexpensive and durable furniture.

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