Advantages of Portable Gazebo Tents

9 Jun

There are many times when we need a portable form of cover for an outside event.  Portable gazebo tents will meet those needs and exceed them.  This new breed of outdoor tents and gazebos stand ready to meet consumer’s needs.  They offer an array of options to help customize the space to each person’s individual needs.  They are easy to put up, durable and stylish.

Unlike the wooden gazebo or other type of solid structures, this type of gazebo tent works well for business applications.  If you pair the 10 x 30 white party tent gazebo canopy with sidewalls you have the perfect environment for a vendor booth.  The tent is easy to set up at local fairs, swap meets and other venues.  Set up can be accomplished by one person in just a minute or two.  The heavy-duty canvas top looks great in plain white but they have a festive array of patterns to choose from. It protects you and your products from the sun and rain.  The zip sidewalls help further define your space and protect it from the elements.  When leaving it set up overnight zip the front and all your items are protected and contained.

These would also be great when a business wants to set up an outside event. Events such as employee appreciation or customer appreciation days.  It puts together the perfect centerpiece for the event.  A place to register participants, offer promotional items or serve food.  It does not have to be put together or put up until you are ready to begin.  Having two or three of these on hand is a smart and economical idea.

These versatile tents have great appeal when camping or even going to the park for the day.  They are lightweight and easy to carry.  Perfect for anything you need, instant shade from the sun or rain. A backyard birthday party or even a family gathering to enjoy the garden decor will benefit from the comfort they will provide.  A day at the beach might last a little longer if you have a place to sit in the shade for a while.

Set one up at your campsite to make the perfect area to prepare and eat food.  It also creates a protected environment for field dressing game on hunting or fishing trips.  It helps you get through those spring and summer showers with ease.  The 10 x 20 white party tent gazebo canopy with sidewalls offers a little more portability than the bigger tent. They both come in their own carry case.

There are many different manufacturers of these types of portable shelter.  The Ozark trail hanging tent gazebo can be purchased at most mass retailers.  Most of the brands feature heavy-duty canvas tops that protect against sun and rain.  Sidewalls options include a canvas zip on sidewall or a heavy clear plastic zip on sidewall.  The frames are of good quality metal.  Most brands offer a one to two year warranty. They will last for many years depending on use patterns.  Once you own one you will find more and more reasons to put it to use.

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