Get a Pop Up Gazebo and Make the Most Out of Being Outdoors!

22 Oct

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So, you have been thinking about getting yourself a pop up gazebo to add to your garden decor?  You’ve come to the right place! Here we will look at the things you should consider when buying a pop up gazebo, as well as types available on the market so you can have a look at what best suits your particular needs.

Pop up gazebos are a must if you want to make the most out of being outside in the patio or garden. They provide you with shelter and help make your outdoor experience much more joyful and last a lot longer. These types of gazebos have originated in the UK, they are very easy to erect and also easy on the pocket too! They “literally” pop up in a matter of minutes (some claim less than 1 minute!), as they have been built within a concertina style frame. Basically, you only have to worry if you should place it around the garden decking, patio, front yard or even as good protection to the paddling pool.  Whichever the use, your pop up gazebo will stand up on its own without any effort on your part or your family in no time!

You are not just limited to your garden when erecting your pop up gazebo. They are really light so you can also take them with you if you go camping, to friend’s parties, weddings, picnics, the beach and any other social event. Think also about getting outdoor furniture like plastic or light wooden tables and resin chairs.

Now, the obvious question would be: how much are you willing to spend for your new pop up gazebo? As with almost anything, if you buy cheap you end up paying more for it. You can get a cheap pop up gazebo but it will not last you more than the first summer. So take that in mind before venturing into any purchase. Many people consider buying the best camping tents when it comes to experiencing nature outdoors and with pop-up gazebos it should be no different.

The next thing to consider is what exactly is the purpose of your gazebo. Are you setting up a wedding reception in your garden or are you thinking more in terms of you and your partner enjoying a romantic meal together… What you have to look at is the size you really need.

The very simple pop up gazebos are generally square and they contain a roof made of polyester which is usually comes in green or white. These types of models measure around 3x3m and are made of poles that screw together. They are great pop up gazebos if you want to improvise an evening in your garden or patio.

Pop Up Gazebo

Pop Up Gazebo

Pop up gazebos are usually made of three different materials: plastic, steel or aluminum.

Remember what I said before about your gazebo not lasting you a whole summer? That will most probably happen if you go for the plastic option. Some people do need a gazebo for a one off though or just a few times during the summer. There is where the plastic pop up gazebo does the job really well. But if you want a long lasting gazebo make sure you get the one made of steel or aluminum. What is the main difference between the two and which one should you get?

The aluminum pop up gazebo is well known for being stronger and more durable. Obviously that also makes it more expensive. Also, if you wanted to get a hold of one you need to check in more “specialized” shops and stores – be aware of buying these types over the internet as it is possible you are getting a steel gazebo that has been powder coated rather than the real thing itself.

Ok, that leaves us with the steel pop up gazebos. They are light and strong; probably not as strong as aluminum

Pop Up Gazebo With Sides

Pop Up Gazebo With Sides

ones but they still do the job nicely for an affordable price and are a lot more solid and secure than plastic ones. If you decide to go for this option make sure you take good care of it by not leaving it outside in heavy rainy days or when it is really windy.

Whatever type of pop up gazebo you go for, it is always advisable that you add weight to each pole in order to keep them steady.

Pop up gazebos with side panels are very popular. They also usually come in 3x3m, which is an ideal size for many different types of occasions. Some come with plastic windows incorporated to make the enclosure a bit more airy. As with any of the pop up gazebos, they require very little time to erect as well as collapse.

Summary – when buying your pop up gazebo you should consider the following:

- If you want a long lasting pop up gazebo go for the dearer option of a heavy duty one.

- Steel or aluminum will do nicely; an aluminum pop up gazebo will be very durable and also more expensive but it will last you a lot longer.

- A plastic pop up gazebo is fine for the odd occasion or if you just needed it only a few times during the season. Don’t get allured by the cheap price; it will cost you more in the end if you wanted it to last you more than one summer!

- If you go for the steel option make sure to take good care of it so it can last you longer. Don’t leave it outside when the weather is bad.

- Put weight on the poles to make your gazebo sturdier.

- You might want to go for the popular pop up gazebo with side panels which also comes with “fitted” windows. They are great for outdoor parties, barbecues, etc.

- The most popular gazebo size is 3×3 meters and about 260 cm height.

- Usually there are no parts to assemble together and no need for tools to set them up.

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to enjoy your new pop up gazebo? I hope so, as it is well worth it!

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