Plant Trellis and Climbing Plants

8 May

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A plant trellis is a support for climbers that allows the plant to climb spontaneously or permits the gardener to hold the climbers in order for them to remain upright. There are different types of support for different climbing plants. The most important ones to consider are:

Wooden, plastic or bamboo cane: these types of plant trellis should lean over walls. They are particularly useful if we want twining stems to climb on them. They can be build manually but there are a lot of companies that provide good quality trellis at affordable prices.

When placing the climbing plant trellis on the wall, we should take into consideration that there should be at least a 5cm distance between the wall and the trellis so the plant can have enough room when it comes to ventilation. Also we should be located around 30cm above ground in order to keep it away from humidity and ensure conservation. Don’t place the trellis directly on the wall or brick wall; nail wood slats onto the wall and then fix the trellis on the wood. This allows air to go through.

Plastic or wire mesh: also similar and quite light but less visible. They are convenient for climbing plants trellis if you want to fix climbers that need to grab onto thiner material, or when wood or bamboo is just too thick when it comes to gripping. It is also important to leave separation between the wall and the mesh. Place it 30cm above the soil.

When climbers are not attached to a wall or garden fencing we can provide them with different types of support such as canes, sticks and plastic or wooden tripods or tressels. In this case we must attach the plant to our choice of plant trellis ourselves; usually when they can’t do it themselves or when the plant has become too heavy and thus will eventually fall.

Plants in pots should also be provided with adequate support to enable them to climb properly. Among the main supports for climbing plants in pots we can find:

plant trellis

Wild cane or bamboo stems are useful to hold potted specimens. Use them as a central vertical device /guide for plants with weak or long stems. You can also create different plant trellis combinations like triangles, small plant trellises, squares, etc. To make the trellis just tie together two or three horizontal and vertical canes and place the structure on the side of the pot. Use the plant trellis to hold weak stems therefore keeping the plant upright.

Trellises can make a garden, patio or any outdoor area really charming. With their aid you can get great foliage growing around the walls enhancing your garden decor at the same time as adding lots of freshness to the surrounding areas.

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