Patio Umbrellas – Enhance Your Patio Look!

22 Sep

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They are beautiful, aren’t they? If you have a patio, you MUST at least get one of the many patio umbrellas available in the market. Taking care of your patio decor is not only about what is displayed around it. You have to think about comfort as well. As I said before, they can be very beautiful but the most important thing is that they provide the necessary shade especially around the summer time. So, don’t let another summer catch up with you without having purchased your patio umbrella before those sun rays burn your skin and it’s too late!

There are lots of types of umbrellas and patio umbrella lights you might be needing. Think of your patio or garden decor before setting into the venture of buying one. Colors are very important, you want everything to match. I have seen numerous lovely patios with… ugh, an offset patio umbrella that kills the whole look. If your patio is small, don’t make the mistake many do – don’t get a huuuge rectangular umbrella that hides everything under a massive shadow with no hope for some of those lovely rays to come through. It is just so uninviting! Sure it helps on a very sunny day, but there is no need for such massive action!

Always make sure that your new outdoor patio umbrella is

- one that you really, really like
- that is also the right size
- that falls within your prize range
- and that it perfectly matches your patio decor

So, with those four things in mind, let’s have a look at the different types of patio umbrellas you will soon display in your beloved garden or patio.

Types of Patio Umbrellas

What sort of umbrella are you looking for? There are plenty of different offset patio umbrellas, or maybe you are looking for a cantilever patio umbrella? They are both similar in the sense that they have been designed with a pole on the side and the shade falls on one of the umbrella sides which is particularly useful if you don’t have a table in your patio, or one with a hole in the middle. I personally find these types of patio umbrellas to be a bit “on your face” looks-wise, but they are the choice of many, many people.

One of many beautiful patio umbrellas you could have in your garden!

One of many beautiful patio umbrellas you could have in your garden!

Another type you might want to consider is the market umbrella which has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Out of all the outdoor patio umbrellas this one is by far my favorite. The pole sits in the center and stretches itself at the top with spokes that hold the umbrella in place. They are usually made of wood which helps with your garden decor giving it a much more “natural look”.

A more expensive option but made with durable hardwood poles is the commercial patio umbrella. They are the ones used outside cafés – very, very popular in Europe – as they cater for shade on each individual table and the customers love it. If you decide to go for this type of patio table umbrella, you can also use it for your beach table – if you have one, that is!


The poles are usually made of tea oak, aluminum, metal or fiberglass, while the canopy is usually made of vinyl or canvas. As you can see, outdoor patio umbrellas come in many different materials, but, again, you want to make sure that your chosen one blends in with your motif.


Again, a wide variety. Whether you are looking for a rectangular, round, oval or square one always measure your table – if you’ve got one – before setting off to buy any of the patio umbrellas mentioned above. If you are looking for furniture to go with it, check out the splendid wicker rattan garden furniture, which is one of my favorites for outstanding garden decor. If you need the space in your garage to store your garden furniture as well as any other unused garden supplies, garage storage ceiling racks are just great.

Things to remember when shopping:

- Look for the right look and shape that matches your patio or garden.
- Have your table measurements at hand when buying your chosen one, also, check out any patio umbrella lights you might be needing for the evening and night time.
- Think of the material that best suits your needs.
- Don’t overspend! Stay within the limits of your budget.

And one last tip:
- Make sure your umbrella comes with a robust base!

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