Outdoor Decor: Patio Paving

8 Jun

You will be looking for best garden decor ideas if you are considering patio paving. The range of patio slabs on the market may confuse you so it is a good idea to thoroughly research to establish if you can afford natural stone, or need a cheaper alternative with a similar look or feel. Prices do vary but it is a good idea to set your budget and work within the budgetary constraints you have or you could get carried away.

Paving you can choose from:

  • Flexible Paving
  • Gravel
      • Shingle
      • Crushed Stone
      • Path Gravel
      • Tarmacadam
      • Asphalt
  • Natural Stone
      • Setts
      • Pebbles
  • Reconstituted Stone
  • Brick Paving
  • Timber Paving

Garden Patio Paving

Firstly when paving a patio area you need to have a plan of the area. If it is a simple square it may just be about simply getting the measurements correct and deciding which size of patio paving slabs will best suit your needs. However today garden design is popular and the chances are you will want to incorporate some intricate ideas or create circular patios or patterns into your design. Do a few sketches of what you hope to achieve and then investigate the best ways of achieving your dream design.

Design Ideas

Have you thought about edging your patio with bricks, or do you hope to incorporate perfect circles within the design using blocks? Do you want lawn areas edged in stone or are you incorporating a decking area into your garden? You may aspire to have graceful curves connecting different aspects of the garden?  If so you will have to think quite strategically about your design and it may be worth getting a garden designer to help you. It is important that every measurement is correct and when you are using patio paving stones to create shapes or curves you may have to cut your materials to size. To reduce both cost and waste you may decide to alter your plans to incorporate the off cuts into another aspect of your designs.

Do it yourself

If you are doing it yourself it may be sensible to be realistic and not go for too complex a project. Do it yourself patio paving is probably best started on a small scale to see how you get on. If you intend to do your patio on an incremental basis this is a good way of establishing just how much work is involved in the preparation of the ground prior to actually starting to lay your patio paving slabs. Many people are unrealistic about the amount of preparation needed so do make sure you do your homework and have realistic expectations of the job in hand.

Simple Ideas

If you want a fairly quick and easy solution the simplest ideas may be to examine patio paving kits. Many suppliers are aware of the complexities involved in garden planning and have taken a lot of the work of the planning stage away by introducing a selection of patio paving stone ideas to fit a pre determined standard space 2400mm by 2400mm for example, that will accommodate most patio areas. Stone circle kits are also available and you will really appreciate the benefits of these solutions when planning your patio.

Photo by penywise **Cortesy of sxc.hu


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