Good Patio Ideas Can Go a Long Way

17 Nov

It is not difficult to come up with brilliant patio ideas if you have taken the time beforehand to plan your design carefully. In my patio design post, I spoke about different steps you have to take when coming up with patio design ideas and how it is good practice to sketch everything on paper before venturing into creating your patio. If you have used this approach considering the best options, you would have ended up with a patio that can easily adapt to new and wonderful ideas that might occur to you as the patio grows with the rest of the house.

We don’t always want exactly the same things. I find myself changing my taste and style every few years or so, and the same happens with things that surround us. I might be really happy with a patio that has a Spanish look and feel, only to find throughout the years that I really want a Japanese garden instead. There is nothing wrong with that, we just have to adjust to our changes and plan things accordingly.

There are great patio ideas and pictures on the internet you can look at for inspiration. Some people go really far and create fantastic “art pieces” when it comes to their patios or general garden decor. Whichever way you look at it, there is no doubt about the fact that having started with a good plan will always help you along when it comes to changes and new garden patio ideas.

Most people are afraid when it comes to changing the whole look of the patio or garden. It just entails too much work and worries in terms of design and the fear of the changes not really working in the end. When it comes to changes and new thoughts and inspiration, most people just want to give it a different look and freshness by moving pots around, adding a few pictures to the walls, changing or purchasing new patio furniture cushions or just adding a different furniture set in the shady corner. This is all good if you keep in mind that even the smallest changes need care and attention. You shouldn’t worry too much if you just want to add a touch, but don’t fall into the big mistake of having too much of everything within the one confined area. As with any patio design, if you are going for a particular style just stick with it, don’t mix and match as it very rarely works! (unless you are a professional designer and you know exactly what you are doing).

For an array of “touches” you can play around with elements that already sit on your patio. This is fairly easy to do, it doesn’t take time and you can add or subtract until you achieve the desired results.

For a marine look, all you have to do is add a few seashells, sand and pebbles around your patio. Scatter them by the pots, hang a few paintings on the walls that enhances the theme (ships, the seashore), find old elements that help reinforce the theme like ornamental anchors and you are pretty much all set.

By nature and history, patios have a Latin feel. If you want a hybrid patio (for example one that mixes the Latin or Spanish feel with the British touch) buy a few different teapots and arrange them nicely on the shelves. Grow roses, tulips and daffodils on your pots, mix bits of old pine, teak and oak furniture and be sure to enjoy your tea and biscuits at 5!

Swings, pergolas and any patio heaters or umbrellas can be adorned with climbing plants. Arrange pots together in different corners of your patio if they have been on display on the same spots for a long period of time. For deck patio ideas “take your living room outside” by arranging sofas and chairs thus extending your living area. Add a couple of spots lights, or, for an even warmer feel, arrange two or three old looking lamps on small wooden tables next to your sofas. Add a shelf that displays some of your favorite books. But do make sure you do live that area as much as possible if the overall intention was to have your patio as an extension of your home.

One of Many Patio Ideas

One of Many Great Patio Ideas / courtesy of

I wouldn’t advice that you change the patio slabs if you just want to add a different touch or style with this outdoor area. It entails a lot of work and it might be too tedious – and expensive – for what you are looking for. Instead, bring your garden closer to your patio by adding planted edgings in between but make sure you create divisions as the garden and the patio are two different areas and should not be mixed creating confusion to the eye.

Water features are a great addition to any patio. Unless heavily masked by planting, water strongly emphasizes the exact form by which it is contained. Study your patio and find out the exact areas where an informal pool or water feature would fit to perfection. These are great features and also give us precise focal points (which are great if you want to bring to life certain areas that looked dull before).

Another great addition if you want to enhance a certain area is statues. Be careful if your patio is small, you don’t want the statue to overtake the whole place. Urns are also very decorative.

Tiles on walls, wicker baskets, dry red chili strings hanging from the roof, great patio covers like the beautiful lattice, patio sets, wooden archways, hanging basket chairs, rattan furniture, potted plants, decorative tablecloths, outdoor led lighting or just patio lighting, umbrellas, hammocks, etc if carefully chosen can add to the patio the special charm you are looking for.

Great outdoor patio ideas come with time and experience. Don’t panic over the prospect of starting a new design, or changing an existing one. With a bit of time, careful planning, thoughtful elements and a little imagination you can give your patio the feel you want to achieve with next to no effort.

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