Choose the Perfect Patio Design

16 Nov

Your patio design needs to be planned like any garden design: with lots of thought and care. Designing a patio is not just about making the patio look good; you need your design to flow in terms of both the style and convenience.

When it comes to the look, we should take the trouble to pay lots of attention to detail and decoration – anything from patio slabs to planting down to the smallest corner. Patios can have roofs or be in the open like any backyard or garden and can be designed with many changes of level and decorated with fountains and statues. When it comes to convenience, a good patio design should always think of keeping the functionality and/or simplicity it needs. Let’s think of patios as your favorite outdoor rooms.

What we are saying, really, is that when it comes to designing your patio you should be considering it as much as you would your garden decor. With the patio we replace the grass for patio slabs and the plants would generally grown in confined but well thought of spaces. If we are going to make the most of our patio, we need the designs to be carefully crafted in terms of the style, comfort and convenience.

The aspect of the patio is one of the vital components to take into account when making your plans and all those patio design ideas come flooding to your head. There is no point in creating an exotic sunbathing terrace in a position that hardly ever receives the sun. Convention has it that the patio is right behind the house, but does it have to be? In a small plot, this may be the only option and, here, its aspect will, to some extent, dictate its function.

When thinking of different patio designs think carefully about access if you are going to create an outdoor room next to your living room. The wider and more accessible the doorway is, the easier it becomes to use the patio, and the easier it is to provide a harmonious link between the outdoor and indoor rooms. Obvious links, such as flooring materials or color schemes, can be supplemented by using blending or matching furnishings.

The best patio design ideas come when you draw your plans on paper before you execute any of them. Study the situation first. Is your patio going to be near the kitchen, at the front of the house or as an enclosed area within your backyard. Is it a porch styled patio or a Spanish one? Once you design everything on paper, you can start moving things around, creating the planting area here or there, adding visual elements like pots, statues or ponds.

An important point to bear in mind when studying your outdoor patio designs is to think where will you have the most privacy. Although it may not worry you that you are overlooked by neighbors, if you want to create the impression of an outdoor room, some screening will be useful. It does not have to be a solid wall; trellis or even rigid plastic netting covered with climbers gives the illusion of privacy without shutting sunlight out of the garden.

A problem you might encounter when designing your patio is that it might offer too man possibilities for you to decide on, but if you think of it as an outdoor room, you begin to get the problem in perspective. Ideally, it should be as useful, as comfortably as any room indoors – and probably more attractive than the rooms in the house.

It is all very good that you come up with a really fascinating patio design that look amazing on paper. But it is important to point out that the most common mistake made by beginners when designing their patios is either to copy examples that don’t suite the size and style of their outdoor areas or that they try to have a little bit of everything therefore defying what could have been a unique and original style.

When it comes to patio designs – or any other design for that matter – think carefully about the function and likely use of the area and give it a style that fits into an overall theme. By following these simple rules can’t really go wrong with your patio design.

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