Patio Covers – Structures and Protection Outdoors

16 Nov

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When we talk about patio covers we are talking about 1) patio furniture covers and 2) structures built above our patios to protect them. Lets have a look at each one of them:


If you are planning on building a structure to cover your patio area, make sure it is a solid and durable one that you can enjoy for a long time. Well, we also want it to look attractive, of course. They are good not just for your patio but also for the garden, swimming pool or any particular area you need to cover for protection and an extra “added” look.

Patio covers are great for expanding existent areas and therefore increasing their use. They provide fantastic shade and protect against any sun rays and burns (UV protection). A solid patio cover will make us use the swimming pool or designated area more frequently, they are great for hosting underneath a party or “fiesta” and they also allow children to play outdoors for longer periods of time.

And, they just look cool! Make sure to get sleek designs that enhance the look of your patio or garden decor; as it is important to beautify these areas so we can enjoy them with our friends and family even more.

When looking for at patio covers you normally have a few options: wood, steel, plastic and aluminum, and when talking about styles you can build open patio covers, roofed or enclosed. The open lattice is very popular indeed and also very beautiful. You can grow plants that create a “vineyard” type of look on the roof, which would eventually become a cover for your patio cover! Other options would be the solid lattice, screen rooms and other types of sun rooms (very popular in the UK due to the climate conditions); you can see them especially in garden centers.

Other trendy styles are pergolas, porches, canopies, gazebos and arbors (some of them are permanent, others you can move around your patio or just keep them in storage when not in use). Use your patio cover as an extension of any garden decking you might have outdoors, thus creating a type of “guide” towards certain areas of your garden or patio you want your family and guests to walk and enjoy.

Aluminum patio covers are also a very strong and solid option. Get one with a wooden “finish” so the design blends better with the rest of patio furniture, plants or trees you may have.

Patio covers offer a pleasant alternative to remodeling your home and also don’t forget will help increase the value of your property. Add patio covers in different parts of your outdoor areas to provide additional freshness to your home. Think of corridors, gardens that could almost be maintenance-free thanks to extra shade, cover any sidewalk or even your parking lot as they usually have their own poles to support the structure. As with most things regarding your patio and garden decor, you just have to be creative and willing to spend a little money on the course. You can even build a patio cover to give shade to your dog house in the garden!

Patio Furniture Covers

If we want our outdoor furniture to last, we need to protect it as much as we can. This is where a good patio furniture cover comes in handy. We can usually find these covers in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from oval or round patio table covers to grill, umbrella and patio heater covers, picnic table covers,  outdoor folding chairs, parasols, all sorts of outdoor patio furniture sets and even sofa covers!

Antique garden furniture

Use patio covers for your outdoor furniture

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Outdoor furniture has usually been designed to withstand bad weather without major problems with durable
materials that offer great resistance to the cold or intense sun. Still, most garden stores insist that you protect your furniture with outdoor furniture covers especially when the garden or patio are not being used as a living area due to the weather conditions (or if you go away for long periods of time). Well, lets also not forget you will have to clean your outdoor furniture a lot less if you use your covers pretty often.

Some of these covers come in really good quality materials, made with highly resistant plastic and looking gorgeous with all sorts of decorative patterns to “add” to your garden decor. Weather you are into “looks” or just wanted to protect your outdoor furniture as much as possible, be sure to buy patio covers for all the bits and pieces you usually keep outdoors. It will be well worth it and your furniture will look as good as when you first bought it for a long period of time.

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