Outdoor Wicker Furniture – So Stylish and Versatile

26 Nov

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Outdoor wicker furniture is one of the best types of furniture you can get for your garden or patio. It is usually made of resin fibers, aluminum, steel frame, willow, cane, bamboo or rattan; all of them materials that can endure very heavy weather conditions. You can find all sorts of different wicker furniture; from tables and chairs, to sofas, side tables, benches, dinning sets, stools, decorative elements, serving carts, storage boxes, lighting, swings and gliders, trunks, rocking chairs and even bars. Place garden carts as decorative pots next to your furniture to add the whimsical look to your outdoor area.

We can divide the wicker garden furniture into two categories: the loom one consists of organic materials (like bamboo or rattan) and synthetic wicker outdoor furniture (fiber glass, resin, aluminum). Prices range from really inexpensive bamboo or rattan furniture to the much more expensive ones made of steel frame, aluminum or dearer types of wood like teak.

Whichever your choice, wicker furniture is fantastic as outdoor furniture for many different reasons. Here are a few:

Wear and Tear – You don’t have to worry about your furniture tearing like vinyl or canvas does. The materials have been woven in a tough way to undergo outdoor living and are much more durable. Scratches and chips free.

Clean – When it comes to stains it is very easy to clean your furniture. With canvas stains might be tough to get rid of. Polish and vacuum often to keep it up to scratch.

Light – Easy to move around if you fancy a different type of look in your garden or patio. Easy to stack for easy storage.

Variety – All sorts of shades to match with your garden decor. All the benefits listed above plus the added one of blending easily with nature due to the look and style.

Comfortable – Even though it has a “hard” look the fibers bend easily when sitting on the chairs or rocking chairs (check out rocking chair seat cushions for extra padding and comfort) or resting on the tables. The materials are quite soft and adaptable.

Survives extreme weather conditions – Coating has been applied to the furniture using multiple dipping process protecting it from rotting easily and at the same time repelling moisture.

Adaptable – When tired of the look of your furniture it is very easy to paint again in your favorite colors. Modernize every year with a couple of coats and it will never go out of fashion.

Wicker is Very Durable - courtesy of morguefile.com

Wicker is Very Durable – courtesy of morguefile.com

Plastic sheds are a good option for storage; even though this furniture is durable and tough when it comes to all sorts of weather conditions, proper maintenance is always good practice.

As we can see, outdoor wicker patio furniture is the right choice for your patio or garden has all the benefits of being useful, decorative, versatile, light, comfortable, durable and very stylish.

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