Outdoor Wall Art – An Expression of Ourselves

3 Jul

As we love to bring the outside into our homes, we can now also bring the inside out and today the garden is as much an expression of who we are as our home is. A really good way to make your personal garden statement is with outdoor wall art. There will be many considerations when selecting decorations, the size of your garden space being primary to your decisions. Even the smallest balcony can be enhanced by a simple wall mounted plaque with tea lights, or a metal plant trellis to climb your flowers and along. Modern coatings and paint effects ensure longevity and durability when exposed to the elements, so consider the finishes and life expectancy when making your investment.

Garden Decor Accessories

If you have an abundance of space, you can really go to town with large outdoor wall art. Walls such as the unsightly garage or the old shed can be transformed into that gallery you always wanted making your backyard resemble a studio. Let your personal preferences run wild and indulge yourself. If you are an artist a wall becomes a blank canvas for creating murals, but if not pop down to your local garden centre or go online to check out stores for the best garden art supplies. Most outdoor paints will do fine, but will need sporadic attention to ensure the mural is maintained to a high standard. Consider the children at play though and always make sure your materials are safe and appropriate for the little ones.

Outdoor Garden Wall Art

Outdoor metal wall art is an obvious choice and metal is already part of lots of gardens, with wrought iron hanging basket brackets and metal railings. It is quite simple to add to what you already have, there are some lovely wrought iron wall art plaques, such as lovely leaf design tea light holders that add a touch of romantic lighting to your evenings in the garden. Also consider wall mounted cast iron tables or pot plant holders with a trellis which can bring practical sculpture into the garden.

Another popular metal is blue steel, great for bringing a touch of adventure into the garden; the lovely silver with blued patches lends itself well to nautical themes. The blues and silvery greys can compliment most tastes if you shop around; the ranges available are quite surprising. Look out for color washed items also such as fern fronds with gold highlights on a green wash background.

Outdoor copper wall art is another component of artistic garden decor design and if you have the money why not consider a bespoke copper water fountain for your garden or wall? A truly original creation, that brings the water feature into your garden in a unique and special way. Outdoor wall art plaques can really transform the bland areas adding interest and style. Fine garden art says a lot about you, so whether it’s copper fishes, sculptured tulips or a stylish shimmering dragonfly you want in your pop onto your garden wall, the ranges of garden decor accessories available in stores is quite dramatic and wide ranging. Prices range from cheap pound/dollar store items to state of the art commissions so use your imagination to create your ideal outdoor gallery.

Photo by  knitsteel **Cortesy of flickr.com

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