Outdoor Furniture Covers – Protecting Your Outdoor Treasures

31 Aug

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Protecting furniture on the veranda from outside elements such as heat, water and corrosion can be done by using outdoor furniture covers. Aside from the aforementioned elements, a homemaker who wants complete outdoor protection should also watch out for mildew and other unsightly growths because this can cause damage to any equipment left outdoors.


In general, when one’s garden decor and furniture are made of plastic or metal, there is less need for protection as compared with those made of wood and ceramic. For instance, if one’s wicker furniture is made of rattan or teak, outdoor wicker furniture covers are necessary to keep them functional and beautiful. If they are made of wrought iron, the need is not as immediate.

Aside from the material that will be covered, it is also important to consider the cost. Furniture is usually bought in sets. Therefore, when buying covers for outdoor furniture, one has to aim for a whole cover set as well. Size is another important factor. It would not do if they are blown away with strong winds. Thus before buying, one has to measure the furniture accurately.

How about resin patio furniture? Resin is a natural or synthetic compound used as finishing for wooden furniture (e.g. teak) and lends it durability. Because resin furniture are very strong and durable, they are also resistant to salt and chlorine, making them ideal for pools and the seaside. It depends on the homeowner whether or not to put covers on this type since they are a lot more resistant, but home owners might want to consider the overall look and design when we add extra accessories like these ones.

Types of Covers

Patio furniture covers, due to being constantly exposed to external challenges, have to be durable and appealing at the same time. Of course, it would not do if the covers do not complement the patio design.  Most of the commercial patio covers are made of waterproof materials.

The commonly used material for covers is polyester. The 12-gauge polyester with waterproof vinyl is recommended for waterproof outdoor furniture covers. Aside from water protection, this material is able to withstand temperature extremes. This top-quality material also prevents mildew formation because moisture does not reach the furniture.

Fabric covers that contain mesh vents are also advisable because these allow ventilation and prevent mildew growth. They may come with cushions and pads which add to the comfort of the user, should the furniture be used without removing the covers. On the other hand, if the homemaker prefers to remove them when guests are around or when the weather does not call for them, a storage room should be easily accessible.

An outdoor patio furniture cover may be available as slip or may have a zipper or snap. The important thing is that they have to be securely held in place. If they are just blown away or easily removed, then the investment would not be worth it.

Where to Find Covers

Through the internet, one can access many shops which have outdoor furniture covers on sale. Lowes and Frontgate are excellent sources. Plow and Hearth and Restoration Hardware are also very good places for finding just the right material for furniture.

Whether one wants custom outdoor furniture covers, dayva covers with discount or at cheap prices, these places are available to cater to the homemaker’s needs.

Photo: by Waleed Alzuhair **Cortesy of flickr.com

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