Select Outdoor Fabric Matching the Overall Style of your Lovely House

27 Jan

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Selecting garden furniture for your cosy back yard could be a tricky undertaking taking into account the much limitless choice of outdoor fabric on the market these days. You can consult specialised magazines to get hints on patio design although ready-to-implement solutions do not express the unparalleled spirit of patio ideas implemented by non-professional designers.

No matter of your garden decor, you need good patio covers that are durable and match the overall style of your house. It looks ridiculous where people decide to design their patios in an old Victorian style while the indoor space resembles a state of the art modern apartment as depicted in the Cosmopolitan magazine.

Over 200 Styles Are Available

Outdoor Fabric 2

photo by DNB Interiors

Apart from overall style and furniture, outdoor furniture covers are also important part of the exterior of your patio, backyard, alcove or arbour. It could be a hard choice, though, for over 200 outdoor styles are available on the market and you can get lost in such a variety of choices.

You might choose Olive style if you are more old-fashioned and traditional type of person, or Mango if want something fresh to beautify the patio you furnished with all your love.

Manchester Sienna is a good choice for people who like the skilful craftsmanship of old British craftsmen in textile industry while Maldives Sunrise introduces the unparalleled excitement of carefree Tropic spirit into your patio.

A good idea is to Google the numerous websites offering outdoor fabric, which will give you a good idea what products are available. Good deals are also available online with prices starting from as low as USD 9 to USD 10, plus a 5-year warranty provided by manufacturers. Those interested in outdoor fabrics are probably familiar with the market leaders Outdura and Sunbrella although Phifertex and Robert Allen also offer quality products at affordable price.

Carefully Select Outdoor Fabric Type

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photo by habitually chic

Generally speaking, outdoor fabrics fall into several categories depending on their type. Those include Spun Polyester, Filament Polyester, T-Spun, PVC, Linen, Vinyl, and Woven outdoor fabrics.  It is up to you to select the most suitable type for the outdoor area you plan to furnish, nevertheless take into consideration details like climate, overall patio decor and style.

Solution dyed acrylics are woven outdoor fabrics that are considered market leaders these days while printed polyester outdoor fabrics are the most decorative ones. There are also various kinds of vinyl coated synthetic fiber mesh and “sling chair” fabric, which is a very specific one which requires manufacturers to use strong fabric that does not stretch.

After you have selected a suitable outdoor fabric online, you can also visit a brick-and-mortar store to check how it looks in the daylight and to make sure it will match the overall patio design.

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photo by Anna Linder

Check out this wonderful selection:

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