Using Gardening Services to Improve the Look of your Garden

17 Jun

Despite having done all the necessary reading and having watched all the TV programes on how to revamp and care for your garden decor, you will probably be looking through the yellow pages to find out what gardening services are available to you. We all want to bring the outside in and enjoy what nature has to offer and the rise of the TV gardener has upped our expectations and interest in our outside space. Low maintenance gardens can be constructed and obviously a small garden is much more manageable than a large rambling area however generally gardens do not care for themselves and will need a fair amount of input if they are inherited.

Research Locally

Research all gardening services to see what is on offer locally; it could be you require a specialist area such as a tree surgeon, or the local retired man who is a self taught gardener could be the solution you require to make sure your garden is well taken care of. The rewards of planting your seeds and going through the stages of transplanting seedlings and nurturing your garden to reap the harvest are many, but results take time. Patience and trial and error are more than often the best ways to learn so don’t be afraid to ask neighbours and friends for useful tips to get you going.

You will have ideas about what areas of your garden you can manage and what you feel you need a gardening service for, it could just be want the best organic fertilisers and weed and pest control for your vegetable patch and need advice and information.


A great book for any organic gardener is Gwydion’s Moon Planting Guide. It is a fascinating and useful read for the organic gardener; showing how to plant and sow at the right time in the lunar cycle by making use of light and other factors to maximise effects for all crops and other plants. The book teaches a genuine and ancient skill that has a scientific basis.


It could be you require garden services for landscaping this is an area often best left to the professional landscaper. Remember when planning your garden design that you need to consider lots of things, light and shade being crucial to your planting strategy. Ongoing garden maintenance is an important factor, it may be worth spending a little more on the initial outlay to ensure that your garden is manageable once it is completed. Also don’t forget gardening products from compost or fertilisers to peat, you will need to feed and plant your garden if you want the best results. All these aspects of you garden should all be considered by garden service suppliers so do not be afraid to ask questions.

Lawn care in itself can be a whole area that requires VIP status, so when considering a large lawn area factor in prices for all the tools you require. It could be you are planning to treat yourself to a ride on mower, check out second hand versions as this may be a more affordable approach. You can also get grass cutting as part of the gardening services, particularly useful if you have a paddock or a wild overgrown lawn or meadow that is out of hand or has been neglected.

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