Garden Decor Ideas: Garden Windmills

29 May

One of the most quaint and magical decorative elements for your garden are the beautiful garden windmills. You can find them in many different styles, sizes, colors and materials (from wood to plastic and steel) as well as kits to easily ensemble at home. Some of them have been made to show down to the last detail and are precious replicas of the larger farm ones. The good news is that you can purchase beautiful miniature yard windmills for as little as $10 or you can choose larger ones ranging from medium height (around 4.5 ft) to the stunning 12 ft windmill.

Types and Styles

Wooden garden windmills are probably amongst the most popular for the garden decor. The Amish hand crafted American windmill is a spectacular piece that could be placed near your garden decking, porch, patio or any outdoor area. The wood is handcrafted by the Amish and detail is just magnificent. Quality of the wood is usually high so it should last in your garden for years to come.

The classic Dutch windmill is a great example of the traditional design; no wonder these gems are universally appealing. There is no doubt that it will create a charming focal point in any corner of your garden or outdoor area. Old styles are particularly picturesque capturing one of Holland’s most famous hallmarks.

Ornamental garden windmills are beautiful but look for fully functional windmills that turn with just a touch of gentle breeze. Some of them have built in weathervanes to indicate the direction of the wind as well, which is a great addition. Medium garden windmills will go well with smaller lawns while the large decorative lawn windmills are fitted for grand scaled gardens or large outdoor spaces.

The John Deere windmill features the beautiful iconic green and yellow colors and logo. This is a windmill that will definitely add that serene and charming farm feel to any garden. The miniature windmill fetches for around $25; the 4.5 ft starts at $75, an 8 ft will cost you around $120 – $160, and the larger windmills will set you back $300+ (12 ft).

If you are looking for windmill aeration to circulate your pond or any other area of your garden, check out different windmill kits that can provide maximum control in all types of wind speeds and simple maintenance.


The natural wood unfinished is very popular and sits well in any garden. You can also stain or paint the wooden garden windmill to preserve it or give it a different touch if you are looking into complimenting your ornamental windmill with the rest of your decor.

If metal is your kind of finish opt for the robust steel windmill. You will find beautiful specimens with wheels that rotate on 2 different ball bearings and will definitely last a very long time in your garden. Well balanced wheels will make them turn at any gentle breeze turning into whichever direction wind comes from.

When you order a decorative windmill make sure that it is easy to assemble and that it won’t take too long. Also find out what tools you need to put it together and read the instructions as some garden windmills should be built on a hard base like cement or even wood in order to make them really secure. Also, look for the powder coated finish and not plastic if your budget allows.

Garden windmills with their lovely charming effect are  the perfect addition to your outdoor area.

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