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7 Jul

If you have an outdoor space maybe a patio or yard have you considered garden urns to introduce some greenery and give the area some personality and style? Garden urns and planters can turn the blandest areas into a lovely relaxing spot where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. Even a balcony from benefit from well placed garden decor ideas. Don’t limit yourself to traditional concepts as flower pots are effective contemporary garden art; also look around for new ideas such as pet urns to introduce a novelty factor to your area.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Often when you look at pots in stores such as Horchow you wonder how you will get them home because they look so substantial. You also think they will weigh so much that when filled with earth and plants they will be a permanent fixture in your garden. You may want fixed lawn urns, but you probably want to move your large plant filled vases around the patio. Don’t be put off by the fact it looks heavy as looks can be deceiving, take the time and care to read exactly what you are buying as often decorative urns are made of much lighter materials like resin or fibreglass. Whilst the materials are robust enough for all year round outdoor use and strong enough for the purpose they are made they really are patio ideas you can easily manage.

Cast Iron

Cast iron garden urns are a staunch favourite amongst gardeners and they are much more suited to a permanent place in the garden and like wrought iron urns need to have a place where they can stand resplendent and command the situation they are in. However for most occasions containers can be plastic or lightweight look a likes.

Make the Correct Choice

Large garden urns are impressive and if you want a palm or other large structural plant the choice of planters on the market are many and varied look pop on line and look at Lowes for a wealth of information advice and products to ensure you make the correct choices for your outdoor space. It is important any new addition will compliment your existing garden decor. You may have outdoor wall art or railings in a Victorian style and wish to maintain the theme with a Victorian garden urn.

Fashions change, but it is not always necessary to replace all your costly items. Consider bringing in a more modern concept, such as popping garden mirrors strategically around to throw a new light on existing items or considering garden fountains to bring in a water feature. If you want something a little different try searching on garden urns UK if you live in the USA to see what ideas you can glean, and of course vice versa to see what the trends in other parts of the world are. Places like Amazon are great to look at in order to get ideas or purchase your desired urn; either or .com will give you a wide range of options and great ideas to integrate into your garden decor no matter where you live. Check out eBay also for great prices but stock will vary literally every day.

Integrate Elements into the Scheme

Contemporary bird baths and other garden sculptures can be easily integrated into a scheme with a little thought and planning. Have you ever considered garden clocks as outdoor features? They withstand the weather and make sure you can have the very last moment outdoors enjoying the garden.

Always look in the sale section to see if there is any discount garden urns available as if we manage to get just one thing cheap, it leaves us more to spend on other purchases.

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