Garden Signs – Value-Added Decorations to the Garden

28 Aug

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Ideally, gardens combine peace, pleasure and discovery by providing nature’s bounty and human creativity in a limited space and using garden signs to direct the explorer. Whether one wants a Japanese, English, Mediterranean or any other theme, a strategically placed garden sign adds value to the house’s outdoor offerings. Aside from being attractive additions to the garden decor, they also serve various functions.

Various Uses

Various uses of these signs include providing information about the garden’s history or its contents. For instance, the sign could feature when the garden was built and who designed it. The owner of the garden might want to put a stamp of ownership and uniqueness by placing personalized garden signs that contain what he/she wanted to achieve when he/she established the garden. A personalized garden sign can also state the name of the owner’s family and welcome the garden’s visitors.

When the garden has unique flora or fauna, the sign can provide data on the plant or animal. For instance, the garden sign can give information on a hard-to-breed rose or an exotic creature that is rare among other gardens. Collectors and breeders are very particular about these types of signs.

Yard signs can be used to warn off people. For instance, a yard sign might state “Beware of the dog” if one’s pet is allowed to roam around the house’s outdoors freely or “Don’t step on the grass” if one want is very meticulous about the well-kept appearance of the lawn. This is similar to the idea behind placing signs when one plants vegetables or herbs for the family’s consumption. The sign might contain “Please ask for permission before gathering the goods” just to let people know that proper courtesy is appreciated.

Of course, they can also serve as markers for directing people where to go. This function is of high priority when one has a large garden featuring mazes or tall hedges.

It is also practical to consider placing signs where there are garden lights nearby. Otherwise, the signs would not be seen at night, when the reach of garden lighting is limited. Better yet, one can place these great accessories so that they can be lighted based on need (e.g. during a garden party). Signs with nature designs can be used as hanging decorations on fences and stakes.

Garden plaques and signs can be used in combination because they have parallel uses. Wall plaques may be placed on the boundaries of the garden. These  could feature sayings about silence and contemplation, as the garden is often a place that serves these purposes. On the other hand, garden signs plaques can also lighten the mood and help people relax when the contain funny quotes.

Places – Also Suitable for Garden Plaques

While one can go to the local landscape company for signs and plaques, the Internet also has an excellent line-up of companies that offer various landscaping and outdoor design options. Lowes, Terrys Village, and Iron Accents have a wide array of signs and plaques that cater to one’s needs and preferences. Whether one wants wooden garden signs, novel garden signs, metallic memorial plaques or any other implement for improving one’s outdoor property, these companies provide them to their consumers at an affordable price.

Now, one does not have to hire a professional to give the garden an expert look. By using these important accessories and placing them in strategic places, that well-kept, well-loved look is within reach.

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