Garden Plaques – Combining Versatility, Functionality and Style

23 Aug

When one wants to combine both uniqueness and style together, the way to go is to use garden plaques. Because of the availability of various designs and compositions, adding garden plaque or more to the garden decor has become an easy way of enhancing both the appearance and ambience of the outdoors. One can use mass-manufactured garden plaques but one can also use personally-crafted garden plaques. The former is usually cheaper but the latter allows people to put their own stamp on their gardens.

Based on Composition

A garden wall plaque can be made of wood, terra cotta, metal or stone. The key is to choose a type which blends with, or complements the general motif of the garden. For instance, garden plaques can complement the patio paving, or a stone-paved patio can be partnered with a strategically placed garden stone plaque. Another consideration is that the garden plaque should be able to resist the elements it might be exposed to, depending on the location. It is better, for example, not to use wood plaques in places where there are constant exposure to rain or moisture.

As Signs

Garden signs plaques are usually small but with long posts to let the reader see the sign without having to hunch. Garden sign plaques could serve as garden name plates which contain the names of the garden’s flora. They could also contain quotes which induces the reader to contemplate and relax within the garden. Other signs plaques could serve as markers and include directions or instructions for exploring the garden. An example would be a sign plaque near a pond which indicates where the stepping stones are for going to the opposite bank.

As Accents

Garden wall plaques can also be used to accentuate the garden art. Examples of garden art include sculptures, bird houses, fountains, plant stakes, and ornaments such as wind chimes. If there are fences or posts in the garden that need a little flair, hanging plaques can be used. These are usually called hanging plaster plaques but they may not be composed of actual plaster. They can have some nature carvings or they can also contain quotes.

Engraved Plaques

Because rocks fit naturally in any kind of garden, an engraved plaque in a rock design is always a great addition. Engraved rocks are valued because they are both aesthetically pleasing and water-resistant.

Metal Plaques

Most people are familiar with metal plaques or memorial plaques. These can be made of brass or bronze and are usually custom-made. Because they are typically addressed to someone, they could be used to recognize a person’s achievements or they could contain a eulogy or even a history. Personalized garden plaques signify ownership and love for the garden.

Gardens provide a way for people to relax and refresh their minds. As Cicero wrote, “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” It is therefore good to design a garden in such a way that it becomes a place beauty and repose. By using a variety of outdoor garden wall plaques and placing them in locations which maximizes their uses, this goal is achieved.

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