Garden Netting Can Give Lustre to Your Garden

1 Feb

Garden Netting

Garden netting, and fencing in general, came to life centuries ago when people living in fiefs were forced to separate their properties from the adjacent estates. It was also the wall adding defensive functions to the house surroundings and gardens were a privilege enjoyed by handful of people in mansions fenced with stones. Today’s houses, thanks God, do not need stone walls to protect us from covetous neighbours and barbarian tribes and garden fencing is largely a decorative attribute of a place to enjoy our deserved respite.

The Garden Is a Special Place

Garden Netting 2

photo by SylviavBruggen

Most famous architects liked to design garden decor for gardens are special places within a real estate. And while patio paving and invariable garden pond remained relatively unchanged during the ages, garden netting evolved in form and shape while new materials and types of fencing appeared.

Presumably, you will never use barbed wire fence to fence in your garden with impenetrable enclosure. You will eventually need a pool fence circling your garden pond but you can hardly create cactus fence in the rainy British climate. Concrete fences, for their part, are extremely durable and replaced the ancient stone walls while a good designer can give them shapes and forms unimaginable to create using stone. Concrete also replaced stones as a material for patio paving allowing house owners to create flowing pathways.

Green is Always in Fashion

Garden Netting 4

photo by PinkMoose

Green fence is among the inherited British traditions that make houses and gardens in the United Kingdom so unique. We can add that traditional hedge-row has much to do with fox hunting but that is another story. A green garden fencing is always a good idea and even synthetic materials can add unique charm to the garden you designed with all your love.

Picket fences are also popular among people living in the countryside, especially if the garden paling is painted in fresh and bright colours (remember Tom Sawyer). It is always a better idea to design your garden decor with green in mind rather than raise six feet concrete or stone fencing.

Green is always in fashion while live fencing will transform your garden netting into a natural extension of the garden.

You can express your soul in a live garden netting and let your inner man select live woody species that reflect your true character. Evergreen oak or chestnut, elm-tree or poplar, they all can add to your peace of mind being part of a live green garden fencing.

Garden Netting 6

photo by yewenyi

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