Garden Decor Ideas: Garden Mirrors

13 May

Many people choose to decorate their gardens, patios and outdoor spaces with garden mirrors for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Mirrors for garden are both elegant and mysterious and at the same time can add extension to any surroundings, which is especially handy when your patio or garden is small or you just want to expand without any effort whatsoever. Outdoor mirrors can achieve the illusion of bigger and more extended space in absolutely no time – all you have to do is place it/them in the right place and your garden will double its size instantly.

As a decorative element, the patio outdoor mirror has become extremely popular in recent years. Gone are the days when they were just purely functional objects. Their presence is no longer confined to the rooms inside our homes, more and more people choose a garden mirror to add to the outdoor atmosphere.

There are a lot of different designs to choose from; gothic style, circular, cast iron, Tudor or Georgian, arch mirror, Renaissance, Morocan, Roman or classic, with or without shutters, cast iron or trellis mirrors. In terms of frame materials there are also a vast range of choices: glass, acrylic, plastic, wood, metal, etc and you can find them in all sorts of sizes and colours.

The beauty of outdoor garden mirrors is created by the way in which they add space and a special spark, making your garden look absolutely stunning.

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In areas where the weather conditions are poor and the sun doesn’t come out much throughout the day, the mirror garden offers spots of brightness as well as adding that special touch, making your outdoor area look more like a a secret garden in a fairy tale. Bring out dull or dead corners, add to your garden decor and create illusion and magic with this versatile accessory.

Also, when the weather gets really cold or during the winter, you could bring your outdoor garden mirror indoors as most of them are suitable also for decorating your home.

Mirrors in the Garden Add Light and Space

Light and space are the two common denominators when it comes to the garden, patio or yard. Enhance these two features with your new addition. Go even further and play with style and design, mixing different mirrors in garden different areas but keeping the same theme. Gothic garden mirrors are very popular as they add drama to your outdoor area. In addition to their ornamental function and usefulness when it comes to visually expanding any area, make sure you place them in strategic places according to your general garden decor, your garden furniture layout or where it can enhance any available light. Think of other available options; mirror planters also add an extra functionality and can look astonishingly beautiful! The trellis option is also attractive to the eye plus multifunctional.

Another way to add reflection and spark to your garden is with the aid of water. There is no better food for plants than a good dose of cool water. When designing your garden, consider allowing room for a small garden pond as the water will offer you a fantastic mirror effect, which will beautifully reflect the landscape around it.

Tip: When placing your garden mirrors you will probably need the help of two people; strategy is key – if you do it on your own, when standing back you will notice that the mirror will probably reflect the sky rather than its surroundings. Also, you want the viewer to look at it and be able to see the rest of the garden from almost any angle. To achieve these two important elements you need someone to hold it while you check what is the patio outdoor mirror or garden mirror reflecting when you stand in different areas of your garden or patio.

A mirror garden is the perfect way to reflect the beauty of nature around you as you enjoy your mellow summer evenings, they create the illusion of space and can easily double the size of your outdoor areas!

*Photos: different styles of mirrors for the garden*

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garden mirror

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outdoor garden mirror

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gothic garden mirror

As you can see, the different styles provide a different feel and look, so keeping it close to your existing decor will be extremely important.

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