Outdoor Garden Lights

24 Jul

When planning your outdoor lifestyle garden lights will probably be a priority for you. Outdoor garden lighting can lead your guests to the areas you wish them to inhabit so if you wish to illuminate your plant stands as one of your patio ideas, a particularly effective idea is to pop a garden mirror behind the plants to double the impact of the lighting arrangement. This is an effective idea in an enclosed smaller area as it gives the illusion of space, but works equally well as a feature in a vast expanse of garden. Look at the possibility of using acrylic mirror sheets for added safety.

Landscape Lighting

You may be looking for ways to use landscape lighting across a vast expanse of your garden, this type of lighting has its own challenges and you will be looking for ideas and solutions for the specific areas you have designed to make a personal statement about your garden decor. You will probably use many types of lighting to bring different aspects of your garden to life. Flood lighting can also be considered if you enjoy outside entertaining regularly. Dangerous areas are best roped off with signs to indicate the dangers. Although illuminating the area can highlight danger you run the risk of drawing people to the area so sometimes darkness, or the minimal use of solar garden lights to emphasise the danger signs are a better alternative. If you have a vast expanse of garden to cover consider using commercial connectable lights. Led lights are usually suitable for all weather types; so handy for Halloween and Xmas as well as garden or patio lights for the summer months.

Leading the Eye

Outdoor lighting leads the eye, so using garden string lights to draw your guests’ eyes upwards will highlight different aspects of your outdoor space then having a row of solar powered garden lights to light a path at low level. You may have garden art that you wish to highlight and a solar garden light placed strategically will mean that you never have to worry about the cost of showing off your prized article, be it a bronze statue, a stone waterfall or wall art.

Natural Flame

Natural flames compliment enclosed areas and make great yard lights. You may like the reflective quality of a natural flame such as a Moroccan lantern or tiki torch, which will cast dancing shadows on your walls. Do however consider the safety aspect, are you sure it is safe to use naked flame in your enclosed area? You may want to think about low voltage garden lights instead and save the natural flame until all the children are safely tucked away in bed. Where people are consuming alcohol you have to carefully consider the safety aspect. However lantern garden lights often use tea light candles and as they are surrounded by glass are safer options as party lights. Also you may find some tea light wall sconces that are appropriate, perhaps you have some indoor sconces you could appropriate for an evenings entertainment outdoors.

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