A Touch of Garden Lighting

13 Aug

You will want to put a lot of thought into your garden lighting before you rush out and spend your hard earned cash on purchases. All aspects of your garden decor should reflect aspects of your personality and lifestyle. It could be you are looking for landscape lighting, rather than ideas for patio lighting. Different outdoor lights are more suited to particular areas or functions. You do not want to overdo things so it is often a better idea to start small and build on your lighting over time. You will also find that as the seasons change different elements of your garden will need to addressed. To show you planting to its full potential consider lighting that can easily be moved around to save on expense.

Planning Your Scheme

When planning your lighting scheme do not forget to consider other light sources such as a patio heater, which may not seem to be an obvious lighting source, but in fact may save you a fortune on lighting. Perhaps the simple addition of a tiki torch will give you ample light in a small enclosed area that houses a heater. For great style ideas look at Crate and Barrel who have a stunning range of ideas to inspire you.

Different categories of lighting can really enhance the individuality of your outdoor characteristics. Spot lights will concentrate the light in one area – they look great when hanging from a pergola and pointing into interesting areas of your patio. Creating focus is key, whether you use garden decorations or just interesting lighting. You might also want to check out led grow lights if you’re looking into growing plants and there are parts of your garden where the natural sunrays are not available.

Plug and Play Garden Lights

These types offer you both safety and simplicity and it really is possible to install this sort of system without a professional. No tools will even be needed as a simple water tight transformer can simply be plugged into your indoor electricity supply.  The lamp assembly may require a screwdriver, but nothing too complex is involved. Outdoor lighting can really be very simple with modern 12volt low voltage lighting providing ample light to illuminate and create atmospheric light effects. Improved technology ensures that garden lights do not have to be the dangerous items of yesteryear. Paradise Garden Lighting has some great ideas and products. Look at path lighting to see just what can be achieved no matter how small or large your area.

Solar Garden Lights

A solar garden light placed strategically around your garden can really help to lead the eye and draw your visitors’ attention to design features dotted around the garden. Solar lighting uses the natural rays of the sun collected during the day, it is recommended they get direct sunlight for at least 5 to 10 hours of the day so consider this before you buy. The beauty of solar lights is once purchased there are no further costs because they do not use mains electricity. An additional benefit is they are good to use whilst you are away on holiday giving the illusion of people being around. It can give you peace of mind as an added safety feature and is just one of many patio ideas to ensure your outdoor space is illuminated once dusk starts to fall.


When lighting areas don’t forget how effective garden mirrors can be when used in conjunction with garden light. For some really spectacular garden accessories try checking out CostCo, if you have the budget spare there really are some quite amazing items to be purchased here. If a couple of classy yard lights are more to your taste to add that finishing style, try Lamps Plus to bring a light touch to your garden lighting. From torches to complete solutions if you do your research and bear in mind your budget there are solutions for every area of your garden.

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