Add Elegance to your Landscape with Garden Gates

7 Mar

Garden gates 1

photo by darkfoxprime

A beautiful yard and enclosed with an elegant fence and a pair of garden gates can be a pride and joy. With a lawn that is well tended and flowers that are in full bloom, your yard can become a peaceful retreat. Garden gates serve several functions. First, they help separate areas of your yard and second, they add a bit of style or elegance to your landscape.

Styles of Gates

Garden gates 2
photo by clio1789

When you begin to investigate garden gates, you’ll quickly discover that there are so many choices on the market today.  You can get a garden gate that has built-in seats with a matching arbour overhead and walls behind the seats that can be used as trellises.  This type of garden gate can also be purchase in a single seat style with an open back and pergola roof.  An enjoyable place to stop, put your feet up and enjoy the sun.  Or to take a long, relaxing, appreciative look at the results of your hard work while you sip on a lemonade or iced tea.

You might prefer to get simple arched trellises that transition you from one area to the next in your yard.  You can add some nice twinkling lights to these to light up your yard for nighttime use.  With the right kind of growing vines, a trellis gate will enhance any garden decor.

To enhance your garden gates, you can also purchase matching garden chairs to make random seating arrangements in the different areas of the yard and they will also fit in nicely with your patio design.

Other Garden Ideas

Garden gates 3
photo by UGArdener

To make your yard and gardens look clean and neat, you can use the many types of garden edging available.  You can use plastic edging in green or brown to suit your needs or you may choose to use stone or wood ships to edge your garden.  The plastic edging can be purchased for a desired look and might include solid, trellised, fancy curved designs or some with an ornamental lip. There are some plastic bricks available that have built in lights to light your path to your front door.  You can also incorporate slate stone as an edging solution or a short wooden, plastic or metal fence.

From garden gates and seating to enhancing the special areas of your yard, there are a number of terrific choices available at most garden and yard stores.  From colourful and modern to old style, you can find something to suit your needs.

Garden gates 4
photo by a2gemma

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