Add Garden Fencing for Privacy and Security

26 Nov

By adding garden fencing to your outdoor areas you will not only get extra security but also improve the general aesthetic of your garden or patio. You can use the garden fence to separate spots where you grow certain vegetables or flowers, also protecting them from natural elements like wind. Gardens need structure; it is only natural that a garden will have different areas (or “rooms”) where all the different things are supposed to happen. There is the private corner where you like to seat and have tea or coffee, the bench under a garden arch for general viewing, the area which has been designed for walking and enjoying the flowerbeds and different plants, where any garden mirrors might have been placed, etc. Garden fences can help you divide all these interesting corners and bring certain spots to life while at the same time protecting others.


The most popular materials for building a garden fence would be wood, chain-link or wrought iron. When thinking of which material is the right for you and your garden decor, the best thing is to decide what is the purpose of your garden fencing. Is it for protection or just for decorative purposes. Maybe be you just want to divide the area between your garden or front/backyard from sidewalks and pavement. Chan link is helpful in terms of keeping your pets away from the area. They serve to “separate” one area from another, acting as an effective delimiter.

Garden Fence courtesy of

Garden Fence courtesy of

Wood is the perfect choice if you want added security. You can add your personal touch by painting the wood so it matches the surroundings. It looks good and blends in nicely with nature. Wooden fencing looks great with your outdoor wicker furniture. Create a wooden fence with a garden arch as the main door for the extra touch. Vinyl is also a popular choice and great if you are thinking of low-maintenance garden fencing. They are very easy to clean and do not fade or rust through time.

Wrought iron garden fencing can give you a lovely vintage you as well as the security needed. You can match it with iron benches and other metal furniture. For a great finish add a metal garden arch as the main door or an arbor gate combination. Why not also have a metal outdoor gazebo to match the look? There are lots of different types of metal garden fencing, mainly to do with the look of the metal ends. Choose something that blends both in height and style with your outdoor area.

When purchasing your materials ask the professionals for help if you find that setting up the fence yourself will be too tedious or difficult. Once they see the designated areas they can give you the best advice on how to set up and maintain your garden fence.

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