How to Beautify the Outdoors with Garden Edging

17 Sep

As the word “edge” connotes, garden edging is a method of defining the edge or border of a particular space in the garden. This term is often used interchangeably with garden lawn edging and landscape edging. Different garden edging ideas are available for different landscaping themes.

Materials for Garden Edgers

Stone is an excellent material for garden borders. It is resistant to water and other outdoor elements and imparts a natural look. It may be shaped into blocks and laid adjacent to each other but it may also be left unmodified. Mortar may be used to facilitate fitting.

Concrete is another good material. It can be designed according to the preferred shape or height. The traditional color is neutral or gray but if color is desired, oxides can be used. If one wants stenciled or engraved edgings, designs can be placed upon this material when it has not yet hardened. Concrete garden edging is best for straight garden edges. Once the garden edges are made of this material, patio paving and cobblestones made of the same material can be added.

House bricks with a depression on one surface are good for edges. To maximize their effect, rather than placing them on soil directly, one can place them on concrete buttress. Clay pavers may also be utilized for flat edges as long as they are supported with a buttress.

Wood is another material which can be used for edgings. It may be pine or hardwood. If used in the form of timbers, they can be stacked horizontally for straight edges or stacked vertically for curbed edges.

Live plants can even be used. Bamboo edging provides a green and natural look for the landscape. One must choose bamboo plants which can survive in the particular climate. With flower bed edging.

New options for landscaping include both metal and plastic garden edging. These materials are used to keep grass out of the garden and may be invisible to the unobservant eye. Plastic flower beds usually come in rolls of plastic and can placed in a narrow trench around the garden. The metal one may be made of steel, aluminum or iron. Garden rope edging may be utilized when one wants to utilize the rope that marked the gardens edges in order to add a rustic feature to the edge design.

Other Uses

Edgings for the garden also have uses other than separating the garden from the lawn. They can double as garden fencing and garden walls. It is a nice idea to enhance your garden decor with elements such as garden signs and wall plaques when placing on these walls. If done on an elevated area, you might want to look into retaining wall ideas in order to serve the purpose.

Where to Find the Right Edges

There is a proliferation of sites in the Internet that offer a vast range of supplies, and some to look out for would be Lowes, Ace Hardware, Plow and Hearth and Bender Board. Whether one is looking for decorative and/or functional garden edging products, these stores offer really good choices at the right price.

Putting garden edges need not be an impossible challenge. With the variety of materials to choose from, one can find the right garden edges for landscaping and gardening purposes.

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