Garden Decor Ideas

26 May

Whether you have a rambling garden, a small patio, a back yard or a balcony there are garden decor ideas you can use to enhance the area. Even the smallest balcony can be given accents to give it style. Garden mirrors can be used to give the illusion of space and coupled with a plant trellis a really effective look can be achieved. Cheap garden decor ideas really can transform an area. It does not have to break the bank as you can make garden decor ideas quite personal with a little creativity. A simple tiki torch will throw light around the smallest area in an effective manner. Bird feeders are another simple yet effective idea.

Additions that Will Last a Long Time

For the larger space there is a wealth of garden decorating ideas with many forms of garden art available, such as statues, which could be in the form of a birdbath fountain. There’s nothing more beautiful than enjoying the singing of birds in the morning, so if you like to attract wildlife bird houses can also be added.

You may want to also consider a water scarecrow to keep unwanted cats away from the birds you have attracted to your garden. They are gentle devices that will keep your garden from being treaded on and you will be able to relax whilst indoors.

A larger garden will want garden fencing, particularly if you have a garden pond and visiting children. Keeping the style of your general garden decor is important when it comes to choosing the right materials, wood will provide the warm whimsical feel while robust iron wrought is perfect to add grandeur to your garden – although the latter comes at a cost.

A classic garden arch never fails to impress and with climbing plants such as honeysuckle it can form a spectacular assault on the senses as the glorious scent wafts over your garden.

You may wish to create a themed garden and the classic Japanese garden or Zen garden (see picture below of the beautiful Buddha statue) is well worth investigating  for garden decoration ideas as you can also incorporate many western ideas such as outdoor wicker furniture into your scheme to blend styles and beautify your outdoor area.

When you have fully researched garden decor ideas and your outside space is complete you will want to sit back and relax so don’t forget to look at garden clocks to ensure your time is well spent.

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