Garden Decking – A New Meaning to Your Garden Landscape

17 Oct

Garden Decking has definitely become increasingly popular over the last few years. People with large gardens seek for a garden deck as it becomes an extension of their home. It is a great feature weather you want it for sunbathing, entertaining your friends and family, eating “al fresco” or having a peaceful time outside the house. Garden decking will also bring your house and garden together and adds great value to your beloved home.

When thinking about your garden decking design you have to choose the right material. Most people tend to go for the wood option while others prefer to create a patio or to use bricks or concrete and place the wood over the top. Other choices are composite decking and vinyl. Think of the weather conditions as part of your planning before venturing into the task of building your garden deck. Ask the professionals if necessary, as they will be able to cover all aspects of any question you may have.

If, on the other hand, you want to build it yourself, there are certain – basic – things you will want to consider:

- Choose the location carefully. Patio deck or a garden deck attached to the living room or kitchen?

- Garden decks come in various materials. Choose accordingly to your garden decor, needs and taste.

- Decide on your deck size. Small house? Small deck. Simple. Don’t overdo it!

- Keep in mind any outdoor patio furniture you might already have when planning the structure and look of your new garden decking.

- Keep it simple. There are literally lots of books online written by professionals that will guide you step by step.

- Check online for different garden decking designs; it is always helpful to see what other people go for.

- Do you need more than one area? You could add different levels; an area for sunbathing and a different one for dining.

- Don’t over look the legal side: again, ask the professionals to find out if the area you are planning to build in meets the right requirements.

Garden Decking

Garden Decking

Once you get those garden decking ideas popping into your head it is only a matter of time until your glorious deck is build and ready to be enjoyed by the family. But, that is not the end of your garden decking adventure…

…you will have to take good care of your deck and add other elements to it.

The same way you take care of your garden decor, your will need to think of other garden decking things you might need like appropriate furniture, garden lights, kits, etc.  Go to your nearest DIY shop and have a look around, as you can enhance your garden decking experience with many different things. What about one of those wonderful hot tubs for those extra-special romantic evenings?

Garden Decking Designs

Garden Decking Designs

Clean it regularly; take especial care of the algae that grows around it. Also, check screws and bolts very periodically. Sometimes it will be necessary to replace some of the wooden boards. Don’t leave it till it is too late, and use a good water repellent to stop your garden deck from going moldy, cracking or splitting.

Once your garden deck is built, you would have added invaluable new meaning to your garden landscape!

**You might want to consider the benefits of a patio heater for your garden decking.

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