Garden Art with Decorative Elements

13 Jan

Decorating and cultivating a garden is a joy that goes beyond the simple fact of growing plants and flowers, and working on your garden art is a delight that is not only good for your garden decor but it is also good for you in terms of working face to face with nature and health due to the physical work involved.

Decorating a garden can be a relatively easy task. It is an area of our homes that demands attention and deserves to look beautiful, nice and pleasant. There are many elements you can add to your garden in order to beautify it; these elements should enhance a particular look you are trying to achieve and match the size and style of your outdoor area while at the same time not becoming the sole focus. Sculptures, metal, pots, glass, benches, arches, water features, birdhouses, planters, gnomes, these are all features you could add to your garden to decorate it accordingly.


Some people find it difficult (especially when they first start to decorate their garden) to find the right garden art ideas, and they wonder if they are doing it “right” due to the lack of experience. What you should consider first is the major factors like weather, type of plants your garden already has (or you’re planning on growing), size of the outdoor area, colors that blend, landscape general design and your own experience.

Harmony and practicability are both important in general when designing a garden and adding art to it. If you are tired of the way your garden looks, or you find it to bland or lacking in personality, sit down and draw a sketch on where things could go: you might find yourself drawing a few sketches until you find the one you really like.

Outdoor Garden Art Sometimes is About Lateral Thinking

Think of other ways to enhance areas that are not obvious when we first look at the garden like corners or certain spots. Add curves where there are straight lines by placing a nice garden arch, and create different environments by the use of slabs, grass or gravel.

A ponds is a great addition to any garden, water features are just the right thing to add freshness. You could enhance your pond with tiki torches that go around making it dreamy around the evening and night time; or adding big pots with very colorful flowers to bring even more attention to the spot.

Outdoor metal wall art has been popular for a long time now. Copper vines and whirligigs, even masks are some of the features people add to their green environments making the garden a gallery that displays beautiful features.

Sculptures are great for adding a definite focal point. It will bring to life any corner that was not noticeable before but you have to make sure it is not taking over your entire garden decor. While some people might find garden art sculpture “a bit too much”, it is true that once the statue is place in the right place and attends to the needs of respecting size and style of the garden, it creates a wonderful atmosphere that many people admire and copy in their own homes.

Use light to brighten up certain areas like paths or areas where you sit like a bench or where your garden furniture is. Some solar lights are really inexpensive and will save you the hassle of having to fiddle with the electric fittings (plus saving you on the bill).

Bird watching is always beautiful and peaceful; add a birdbath fountain and feeders near the house so you can enjoy their company. Some people add as many as 20, 30 or 40 and their house becomes a paradise in the early hours of the morning. Also, the right flowering plants will ensure you a beautiful butterfly garden.

Lateral thinking is a must if you want your garden to display personality and originality: candelabra, wood carved, masks, handmade pottery, vases and even paintings that you can display outdoors.

For your garden wall art display different planter holders and plant hangers; they can not only hold your pots but they will add decor to the walls of your garden decking or patio areas. Welcome signs and old candelabra add a touch of individuality, while metal wall sculptures next to a brick wall will beautify the area.

So, start sketching out your new garden adding the new elements like water, pots, birdhouses, statues, metal art, chairs, benches, fences, arches, torches, candles and paintings for your walls.

Whatever your choice of garden art, make sure in the end the area is comfortable while at the same time original and pleasant to the eye. Overdoing it will not help; there are many options for you to decorate the garden with and don’t forget that this very special part of our home deserves lots of care and dedication.

Garden Art: Statues Bring Corners Back to Life
Creative Commons License photo credit: Horia Varlan

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