The Beauty of a Garden Arch

26 Nov

A garden arch is a magnificent way of displaying plants, climbers and flowers and at the same time guide the person through certain parts within your garden that you prioritize over others.

Hard structures are as much part of your garden as the rest. Although you might find yourself concentrating on the look of horizontal linings, your hard structures will provide your garden with a certain personality and design. Consider statues or garden fencing for example. Many owners have made really big efforts making a fence look great as well as it being functional, and it is for certain that it adds great structure to your garden.

The Secret Garden – Wooden Garden Arches

If you want to add to your garden decor that “casual” look and feel, or you are into bringing to life corners that might not usually seem that appealing, consider building a wooden garden arch. It

The Beauty of a Garden Arch

The Beauty of a Garden Arch

doesn’t have to be a main focal point in the garden; the beauty of a small wooden arch is that it would enhance that “secret garden” chosen area, providing it with great contrast against the rest of the garden. Build a tiny fence around it to add to the look.

Metal Garden Arches

Huge contrast against wooden garden arches, metal might be a tad more difficult to “blend in”. Metal works really well with bricks in terms of looks and feel. As opposed to the wooden arch (which would work very well in a cottage-like home), metal garden arches can enhance an older home made with such bricks or field stones.

The garden archway will help you reveal certain areas or hide others. Sometimes it works wonders when you want to display open areas such as a wide lawns. Drama is added to the overall effect, and you should enhance that effect with the appropriate climbers. A garden arch also acts as an outdoor gazebo if you place side panels to it. There are a great selection of kits and ready-made-ones at many gardening stores. Take into account height and space, planning always against the desired results. When it comes to wooden garden arches it is important to purchase timber that has been treated. Once your climbers are all around it, it will be almost impossible to access the wood. For your metal arch look for a powder coated finish. Metal oxidizes and so when purchasing keep in mind that it will need re-painting every so often.

There is no doubt that walking through a garden arch gate is a beautiful experience when enjoying any given garden area. They add impact, texture and variety to the landscape design.

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