Fox Deterrents for Gardens Available in the Market

4 Apr

Many gardens in the UK suffer from unwanted visitors, particularly foxes in the evenings and at night. England is a country of foxes, and these can really destroy your property or kill any farm animals you keep in your garden like chickens or ducks. Even though it’s just nature doing its job, we can still gently deter these animals from our homes so they stop causing havoc. We have looked at the water scarecrow and also what’s available in the market. Here we offer you a list of available fox deterrents for gardens so you can choose the one that better suits your needs and as well as your pocket.

Many of the gadgets we present in this article also work for other unwanted animals in your garden: cats, rabbits, squirrels, rats, mice etc so you are not only getting the benefits of avoiding the damage that foxes can create outdoors, but also the neighbours lovely pet who adores coming to your garden and destroying your wonderful lawn or new bedding.

We have listed 9 different products by price range so it is easy for you to see which are the fox deterrent for gardens that suits you best. (Prices subject to change)

High-er Range:

1) Ultrasonic Fox, Cat and Rodent Deterrent (Battery Operated)£51.47



2) Fox Watch£48.90




3) Pet Stop & Fox Repeller£41.99




Mid Range:

1) Fox Repellent Wildlife£39.95



2) Fox Deterrent for Gardens PestBye£27.90



3) Fox and Dog Repellent ” Get Off Range” £24.95




Lower Range:

1) Fox Repellents for Gardens: Nite Eyes£17.85





2) Mega Sonic Fox Deterrent-Repeller£12.95



3) Fox Deterrent – Repeller£10.99



These products are gentle and WILL NOT HARM the animal, just scare it away from your property thus protecting your garden. For example, some emit high pitch sounds or just work by confusing the animal’s senses. See which one is the right one for you and your garden decor. Many incorporate a light and don’t use any chemical products.

With these different fox deterrents for gardens for you to choose from you will be able to enjoy your peaceful outdoor area. Hopefully it will be free from visitors which are not welcome to your property!

**Also see scarecrow water jet pack, scarecrow water sprinkler

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