Unchain Your Imagination in Designing Driveway Paving for Your Garden or Patio

2 Feb

Driveway Paving 2

Modern Western world stereotype for acceptable standard of living has created an idyllic image of a family home with at least one car parked in front of the house and a driveway paving crossing the evergreen garden. Many middle-class families in Europe, and most in the United States, are able to afford such a lifestyle while methods and materials used in driveway paving and patio paving, as part of the overall garden decor, contribute to the image of a prosperous family.

Consider Using Natural Materials

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photo by WOWHYD

Natural materials are recommended by all leading interior and exterior designers for the unparalleled warmth and earthy spirit of items made of such elements. A driveway made of clay paving blocks which winds through a trim garden with garden lights casting back gleams on clay elements is a proof of the unquestionable good taste of the house owner.

If you prefer concrete over fired clay blocks for its durability and higher cohesion, you might consider lending colour to the garden decor by installing decorative natural elements along the driveway, like a tiki torch on every driveway turn. Those extravagant garden lights will add fresh look to your garden or patio.

Concrete Paving Blocks Can Add Colour

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photo by jessica@flickr

Although natural materials are praised also for being environment friendly, concrete paving blocks are sometimes preferred for they allow professional and self-taught designers to select from far more colour combinations. Concrete can be painted in literary each and every colour you can imagine unlike the clay paving blocks that offer a limited choice of colours. On the other hand, those two materials can be successfully combined, creating unique harmony of colour that will please every aesthete.

You might design a coloured driveway paving accompanied by ribbon-shaped pathways along the driveway and use mixed colours in patio paving to create various geometric figures. Ancient Romans knew what to do with coloured mosaic, just take a brief look at the marbled flooring of Roman mansions.

Aesthetics Is Important

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photo by DorkyMum

Garden decor should reflect the overall look of the house, so do not use modern materials in a garden surrounding century old building. A consistent aesthetics presumes proper combination of materials and elements, including avoidance of unacceptable combinations of a tiki torch and neon lighting, for instance.

When planning and designing your driveway paving you could look at the best examples of garden planning that Basque architect Gaudi bequeath to modern world. His iridescent gardens full of unimaginable beasts and fantastic flowers along winding pathways are a good example what unique creations you can build from scratch, using only your imagination.

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