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28 Jun

If you are searching for a quick easy and temporary cost effective solution to protect your selves from the outdoor sun a deck canopy could well provide the solution you require. Roll up awnings are a great idea for a more permanent structure, but it could be you need to use your deck shade canopy as an interim solution or perhaps in more than one location, so portability will take precedence for you. When considering temporary patio shade there are a number of options all with pros and cons, what you decide on will be about your immediate requirements.

Considerations for Deck Canopies

It could be you need a very simple pop up gazebo for your outdoor space, a gazebo offers a degree of both privacy and shade and a small light gazebo tent can be moved around as the sun changes position to ensure you always have protection in the area of your garden that requires the shade. Depending on the size you select, as a marquee party tent can be large enough to hold a wedding or other function in, you may be able to accommodate all your patio furniture. Another benefit is that the sides can be opened or closed at will. This function can be useful when eating to keep all the insects away from the food, or perhaps for a romantic interlude away from prying eyes.

Another lightweight and cost effective choice for an outdoor deck canopy can also be a cabana, which is basically a pop-up half-tent that will provide an effective shelter for those lazy summer days. This sort of tent can be as light as 3Kg and they come in UV protective tent fabrics that offer shelter from both wind and heat, often having a SPF50+ sun protection. This solution is also an excellent choice for the beach, but you will not be able to position your patio furniture inside, so if you have elderly or less able bodied amongst you this could be a drawback. However in general, for kids and young adults it’s a great multi use option you can take anywhere.

A pergola is a more permanent structure that allows you to be exposed to the elements and nature it does not usually have a roof as such. However a cover
can be purchased and roofing options such as metal, fiberglass, plastic, and fabric are all available to give you additional protection. Do consider how much UV protection will be gained though as this has to be a primary consideration when making a choice. Pergolas often are crucial items of garden decor and if you are a gardener canopies for decks can be grown with climbing plants and look and smell absolutely stunning when in full bloom.

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Suppliers of Deck Canopys

Always research the many possibilities before purchasing, it could well be that shade sails fitted to your existing pergola may be all you need. Look online at Lowes for some great ideas, online shopping can save you money and time. Sears also have a very comprehensive outdoor living section and you can pop into the store for information and advice on the best patio canopy for your requirements. It could be that with expert advice you recognise that in fact a retractable awning is actually what you need. Walmart also have an enviable range of cost effective patio shade solutions well worth investigation.

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