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Toro Lawn Mowers: Understanding the Models

23 Mar

Toro Lawn Mowers: Understanding the Models

Toro Lawn Mowers are one of the better options on the market today. While all of the walk behind rotary lawn mowers of today can get the job done accurately, there are a few distinctive features that set the Toro Lawn Mower apart as one of the best. To begin with, the Toro comes in three distinctive models: E-Cycler, Recycler, and Super Recycler/Baggers. Let us examine all the different features of these three models.


Cordless E-Cyclers:

First, there is the cordless E-cycler. This lawn mower is perfect for a variety of reasons. To begin with, it comes at a good price considering what it has to offer. Let’s look at some of the things that make it so great:

  • Lightweight and Easy to Use:
    • Offers a weight of just 77 pounds and also has a one-handed control assembly with two-step action. This makes it safe, and user-friendly.
    • One charge of battery power will mow up to 10,000 square feet
  • Great for Gardens:
    • If you have garden decor that you want to accent and make stand out, then mow around the décor, or make designs of some sort leading up to the décor. It will truly stand out.
  • Good for the Environment, Good for You:
    • Has no cord, so it’s easier for you to maneuver around your yard without getting caught in bushes, trees and so forth.
    • Environmentally friendly design. Check this video out:




List Price: ($434.10)
Sale Price: ($327.57)
Availability: (Usually ships in 3-4 business days)

The Recycler is another great type of lawn mower offered by Toro. Here is its most popular features list:

  • Accommodates You:
    • The Recycler measures your walking pace and automatically speeds up or slow down to accommodate your walking needs
  • Starts with Electricity:
    • Simply turn the key, and off you mow! It’s as simple as that.
  • Safe for Everybody:
    • Has a blade override system so that you can step in front of the mower to move an object out of the way before proceeding to mow again.
    • If you have a beautiful patio design you want to accent, this mower can help you achieve the look you want.


Super Recycler:

The Toro Super Recycler, on the other hand, is a lawn mower with a lot of power and efficiency, which has a great amount of efficiency with a good price tag.


Toro Lawn Mowers are better than others that pollute the environment. They are also great for accenting garden ponds, and other forms of backyard landscaping ideas. They may even be better than some sophisticated Honda Lawn Mowers.

Here’s a range of options for you to choose from:

Add Elegance to your Landscape with Garden Gates

7 Mar

Add Elegance to your Landscape with Garden Gates

Garden gates 1

photo by darkfoxprime

A beautiful yard and enclosed with an elegant fence and a pair of garden gates can be a pride and joy. With a lawn that is well tended and flowers that are in full bloom, your yard can become a peaceful retreat. Garden gates serve several functions. First, they help separate areas of your yard and second, they add a bit of style or elegance to your landscape.

Styles of Gates

Garden gates 2
photo by clio1789

When you begin to investigate garden gates, you’ll quickly discover that there are so many choices on the market today.  You can get a garden gate that has built-in seats with a matching arbour overhead and walls behind the seats that can be used as trellises.  This type of garden gate can also be purchase in a single seat style with an open back and pergola roof.  An enjoyable place to stop, put your feet up and enjoy the sun.  Or to take a long, relaxing, appreciative look at the results of your hard work while you sip on a lemonade or iced tea.

You might prefer to get simple arched trellises that transition you from one area to the next in your yard.  You can add some nice twinkling lights to these to light up your yard for nighttime use.  With the right kind of growing vines, a trellis gate will enhance any garden decor.

To enhance your garden gates, you can also purchase matching garden chairs to make random seating arrangements in the different areas of the yard and they will also fit in nicely with your patio design.

Other Garden Ideas

Garden gates 3
photo by UGArdener

To make your yard and gardens look clean and neat, you can use the many types of garden edging available.  You can use plastic edging in green or brown to suit your needs or you may choose to use stone or wood ships to edge your garden.  The plastic edging can be purchased for a desired look and might include solid, trellised, fancy curved designs or some with an ornamental lip. There are some plastic bricks available that have built in lights to light your path to your front door.  You can also incorporate slate stone as an edging solution or a short wooden, plastic or metal fence.

From garden gates and seating to enhancing the special areas of your yard, there are a number of terrific choices available at most garden and yard stores.  From colourful and modern to old style, you can find something to suit your needs.

Garden gates 4
photo by a2gemma

Yard Windmills: More Than Just Your Ordinary Garden Decor

4 Feb

Yard Windmills: More Than Just Your Ordinary Garden Decor

Garden Windmill 1

Gone are the days when garden decorations were merely there for aesthetic purposes. Today, yard decorations are more practical to consider as they can offer both beauty and functionality. Among the best decorations for the garden these days are yard windmills. They can stand with pride in your home garden to offer your yard a unique appeal with a bunch of other helpful functions.

List Price: ($119.99)
Sale Price: ($74.03)
Availability: (Usually ships in 1-2 business days)

One of the most basic functions garden windmills have is pumping water to the flower beds. Its constant motion can easily deliver the much-needed water to the plants without a lot of effort in your part. Plus, this windmill motion can scare away animals and birds. Meaning, if there is a windmill moving in your garden, animals like sheep and cow will be scared to enter your garden. Hence, windmills in gardens can prevent animals from destroying your plants.

Garden Windmill 2

photo by C.K.H.

Moreover, the best function of windmills today is their capability to provide electricity. Windmills can power up as little as your electric fence to as much as your whole home. Small and big windmills alike can offer you this kind of service. You can set up a big windmill to provide electricity to your home or install a series of small windmills to do the same job for you. A single small windmill, on the other hand, can power up an electric fence in your backyard to scare animals away from your garden.

Garden Windmill 3

photo by hartman045

It will always be good to know that yard windmills can offer you a lot aside from their usual aesthetic elements. Imagine a set of windmills rotating in unison in your garden. Every passerby will surely be in awe. What is even better news is that garden windmills do not come too expensive these days. With the various benefits you can get out of this garden decor, getting one or two for your garden will always be worth it.

Check out this great selection:

We hope that your new yard decorations add the spark and color you’re looking for in order to bring your garden to life this upcoming summer!

Unchain Your Imagination in Designing Driveway Paving for Your Garden or Patio

2 Feb

Unchain Your Imagination in Designing Driveway Paving for Your Garden or Patio

Driveway Paving 2

Modern Western world stereotype for acceptable standard of living has created an idyllic image of a family home with at least one car parked in front of the house and a driveway paving crossing the evergreen garden. Many middle-class families in Europe, and most in the United States, are able to afford such a lifestyle while methods and materials used in driveway paving and patio paving, as part of the overall garden decor, contribute to the image of a prosperous family.

Consider Using Natural Materials

Driveway Paving 1

photo by WOWHYD

Natural materials are recommended by all leading interior and exterior designers for the unparalleled warmth and earthy spirit of items made of such elements. A driveway made of clay paving blocks which winds through a trim garden with garden lights casting back gleams on clay elements is a proof of the unquestionable good taste of the house owner.

If you prefer concrete over fired clay blocks for its durability and higher cohesion, you might consider lending colour to the garden decor by installing decorative natural elements along the driveway, like a tiki torch on every driveway turn. Those extravagant garden lights will add fresh look to your garden or patio.

Concrete Paving Blocks Can Add Colour

Driveway Paving 3

photo by jessica@flickr

Although natural materials are praised also for being environment friendly, concrete paving blocks are sometimes preferred for they allow professional and self-taught designers to select from far more colour combinations. Concrete can be painted in literary each and every colour you can imagine unlike the clay paving blocks that offer a limited choice of colours. On the other hand, those two materials can be successfully combined, creating unique harmony of colour that will please every aesthete.

You might design a coloured driveway paving accompanied by ribbon-shaped pathways along the driveway and use mixed colours in patio paving to create various geometric figures. Ancient Romans knew what to do with coloured mosaic, just take a brief look at the marbled flooring of Roman mansions.

Aesthetics Is Important

Driveway Paving 4

photo by DorkyMum

Garden decor should reflect the overall look of the house, so do not use modern materials in a garden surrounding century old building. A consistent aesthetics presumes proper combination of materials and elements, including avoidance of unacceptable combinations of a tiki torch and neon lighting, for instance.

When planning and designing your driveway paving you could look at the best examples of garden planning that Basque architect Gaudi bequeath to modern world. His iridescent gardens full of unimaginable beasts and fantastic flowers along winding pathways are a good example what unique creations you can build from scratch, using only your imagination.

Garden Decorations Can Make your Garden Look Fantastic

31 Jan

Garden Decorations Can Make your Garden Look Fantastic

Garden Decorations 6

Garden decorations can work marvels even if your lovely garden is a small backyard one, provided that you carefully combine all elements, creating a well balanced look. Garden decor have inspired famous architects and gardeners through all ages, and while you cannot recreate the Alhambra gardens, you can definitely select garden furniture that reproduces your favourite style.

Combine in Style

Garden Decorations 2

photo by zakwitnij

You need not be a gardener yourself to have a good idea what you want your garden to look like.  Consulting specialised garden design magazines is a good idea but bear in mind that imitating others’ design ideas is not always a good approach. Garden windmills and garden mirrors, for instance, are rarely combined successfully while simple garden furniture is often a good and more affordable choice for those who are tempted to try their designer skills.

You can find numerous offers for gardens decorations online with some vendors providing useful tips on installing your garden with various items depending on your preferences and household budget. A small arbour requires a well kept pathway, probably with a small garden-seat and a few discrete lamps along the path. Garden windmills will create a free-spirit feeling and you can craft them yourself to make them look like the ones from your childhood.

Why Material is Important?

Garden Decorations 3

photo by Mindful One

It is up to you to select materials that best fit your needs, but bear in mind that wood, metals, and plastics not only have different properties but bear different “spirit” when the matter in hand is how to achieve best exterior design.

Wooden furniture is more “warm” while plastic chars and tables are very convenient to use and clean but look cheaper and create more informal atmosphere. Garden decorations made of metal are always good looking for they inspire emotions of longevity. As a matter of fact, they are more durable than all other items of garden furniture but are more expensive as well.

Everyone Can Afford Garden Decorations

Garden Decorations 4

photo by HarryCjr

A popular fallacy is that decent garden decorations are expensive ones. You can find such decorations at affordable price if you take your time and examine all offers by online and brick-and-mortar garden furniture stores. Some merchants offer leasing while others provide garden furniture for rent, therefore you can furnish your garden to meet the specific requirements of a birthday party, for instance. Conduct your research and enjoy a new garden decor that looks stylish and expensive yet at affordable price by comparing prices.

Select Outdoor Fabric Matching the Overall Style of your Lovely House

27 Jan

Select Outdoor Fabric Matching the Overall Style of your Lovely House

Outdoor Fabric 1

Selecting garden furniture for your cosy back yard could be a tricky undertaking taking into account the much limitless choice of outdoor fabric on the market these days. You can consult specialised magazines to get hints on patio design although ready-to-implement solutions do not express the unparalleled spirit of patio ideas implemented by non-professional designers.

No matter of your garden decor, you need good patio covers that are durable and match the overall style of your house. It looks ridiculous where people decide to design their patios in an old Victorian style while the indoor space resembles a state of the art modern apartment as depicted in the Cosmopolitan magazine.

Over 200 Styles Are Available

Outdoor Fabric 2

photo by DNB Interiors

Apart from overall style and furniture, outdoor furniture covers are also important part of the exterior of your patio, backyard, alcove or arbour. It could be a hard choice, though, for over 200 outdoor styles are available on the market and you can get lost in such a variety of choices.

You might choose Olive style if you are more old-fashioned and traditional type of person, or Mango if want something fresh to beautify the patio you furnished with all your love.

Manchester Sienna is a good choice for people who like the skilful craftsmanship of old British craftsmen in textile industry while Maldives Sunrise introduces the unparalleled excitement of carefree Tropic spirit into your patio.

A good idea is to Google the numerous websites offering outdoor fabric, which will give you a good idea what products are available. Good deals are also available online with prices starting from as low as USD 9 to USD 10, plus a 5-year warranty provided by manufacturers. Those interested in outdoor fabrics are probably familiar with the market leaders Outdura and Sunbrella although Phifertex and Robert Allen also offer quality products at affordable price.

Carefully Select Outdoor Fabric Type

Outdoor Fabric 3

photo by habitually chic

Generally speaking, outdoor fabrics fall into several categories depending on their type. Those include Spun Polyester, Filament Polyester, T-Spun, PVC, Linen, Vinyl, and Woven outdoor fabrics.  It is up to you to select the most suitable type for the outdoor area you plan to furnish, nevertheless take into consideration details like climate, overall patio decor and style.

Solution dyed acrylics are woven outdoor fabrics that are considered market leaders these days while printed polyester outdoor fabrics are the most decorative ones. There are also various kinds of vinyl coated synthetic fiber mesh and “sling chair” fabric, which is a very specific one which requires manufacturers to use strong fabric that does not stretch.

After you have selected a suitable outdoor fabric online, you can also visit a brick-and-mortar store to check how it looks in the daylight and to make sure it will match the overall patio design.

Outdoor Fabric 4

photo by Anna Linder

Check out this wonderful selection: