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Fox Deterrents for Gardens Available in the Market

4 Apr

Many gardens in the UK suffer from unwanted visitors, particularly foxes in the evenings and at night. England is a country of foxes, and these can really destroy your property or kill any farm animals you keep in your garden like chickens or ducks. Even though it’s just nature doing its job, we can still gently deter these animals from our homes so they stop causing havoc. We have looked at the water scarecrow and also what’s available in the market. Here we offer you a list of available fox deterrents for gardens so you can choose the one that better suits your needs and as well as your pocket.

Many of the gadgets we present in this article also work for other unwanted animals in your garden: cats, rabbits, squirrels, rats, mice etc so you are not only getting the benefits of avoiding the damage that foxes can create outdoors, but also the neighbours lovely pet who adores coming to your garden and destroying your wonderful lawn or new bedding.

We have listed 9 different products by price range so it is easy for you to see which are the fox deterrent for gardens that suits you best. (Prices subject to change)

High-er Range:

1) Ultrasonic Fox, Cat and Rodent Deterrent (Battery Operated)£51.47



2) Fox Watch£48.90




3) Pet Stop & Fox Repeller£41.99




Mid Range:

1) Fox Repellent Wildlife£39.95



2) Fox Deterrent for Gardens PestBye£27.90



3) Fox and Dog Repellent ” Get Off Range” £24.95




Lower Range:

1) Fox Repellents for Gardens: Nite Eyes£17.85





2) Mega Sonic Fox Deterrent-Repeller£12.95



3) Fox Deterrent – Repeller£10.99



These products are gentle and WILL NOT HARM the animal, just scare it away from your property thus protecting your garden. For example, some emit high pitch sounds or just work by confusing the animal’s senses. See which one is the right one for you and your garden decor. Many incorporate a light and don’t use any chemical products.

With these different fox deterrents for gardens for you to choose from you will be able to enjoy your peaceful outdoor area. Hopefully it will be free from visitors which are not welcome to your property!

**Also see scarecrow water jet pack, scarecrow water sprinkler

Yard Windmills: More Than Just Your Ordinary Garden Decor

4 Feb

Yard Windmills: More Than Just Your Ordinary Garden Decor

Garden Windmill 1

Gone are the days when garden decorations were merely there for aesthetic purposes. Today, yard decorations are more practical to consider as they can offer both beauty and functionality. Among the best decorations for the garden these days are yard windmills. They can stand with pride in your home garden to offer your yard a unique appeal with a bunch of other helpful functions.

List Price: ($119.99)
Sale Price: ($74.03)
Availability: (Usually ships in 1-2 business days)

One of the most basic functions garden windmills have is pumping water to the flower beds. Its constant motion can easily deliver the much-needed water to the plants without a lot of effort in your part. Plus, this windmill motion can scare away animals and birds. Meaning, if there is a windmill moving in your garden, animals like sheep and cow will be scared to enter your garden. Hence, windmills in gardens can prevent animals from destroying your plants.

Garden Windmill 2

photo by C.K.H.

Moreover, the best function of windmills today is their capability to provide electricity. Windmills can power up as little as your electric fence to as much as your whole home. Small and big windmills alike can offer you this kind of service. You can set up a big windmill to provide electricity to your home or install a series of small windmills to do the same job for you. A single small windmill, on the other hand, can power up an electric fence in your backyard to scare animals away from your garden.

Garden Windmill 3

photo by hartman045

It will always be good to know that yard windmills can offer you a lot aside from their usual aesthetic elements. Imagine a set of windmills rotating in unison in your garden. Every passerby will surely be in awe. What is even better news is that garden windmills do not come too expensive these days. With the various benefits you can get out of this garden decor, getting one or two for your garden will always be worth it.

Check out this great selection:

We hope that your new yard decorations add the spark and color you’re looking for in order to bring your garden to life this upcoming summer!

Unchain Your Imagination in Designing Driveway Paving for Your Garden or Patio

2 Feb

Unchain Your Imagination in Designing Driveway Paving for Your Garden or Patio

Driveway Paving 2

Modern Western world stereotype for acceptable standard of living has created an idyllic image of a family home with at least one car parked in front of the house and a driveway paving crossing the evergreen garden. Many middle-class families in Europe, and most in the United States, are able to afford such a lifestyle while methods and materials used in driveway paving and patio paving, as part of the overall garden decor, contribute to the image of a prosperous family.

Consider Using Natural Materials

Driveway Paving 1

photo by WOWHYD

Natural materials are recommended by all leading interior and exterior designers for the unparalleled warmth and earthy spirit of items made of such elements. A driveway made of clay paving blocks which winds through a trim garden with garden lights casting back gleams on clay elements is a proof of the unquestionable good taste of the house owner.

If you prefer concrete over fired clay blocks for its durability and higher cohesion, you might consider lending colour to the garden decor by installing decorative natural elements along the driveway, like a tiki torch on every driveway turn. Those extravagant garden lights will add fresh look to your garden or patio.

Concrete Paving Blocks Can Add Colour

Driveway Paving 3

photo by jessica@flickr

Although natural materials are praised also for being environment friendly, concrete paving blocks are sometimes preferred for they allow professional and self-taught designers to select from far more colour combinations. Concrete can be painted in literary each and every colour you can imagine unlike the clay paving blocks that offer a limited choice of colours. On the other hand, those two materials can be successfully combined, creating unique harmony of colour that will please every aesthete.

You might design a coloured driveway paving accompanied by ribbon-shaped pathways along the driveway and use mixed colours in patio paving to create various geometric figures. Ancient Romans knew what to do with coloured mosaic, just take a brief look at the marbled flooring of Roman mansions.

Aesthetics Is Important

Driveway Paving 4

photo by DorkyMum

Garden decor should reflect the overall look of the house, so do not use modern materials in a garden surrounding century old building. A consistent aesthetics presumes proper combination of materials and elements, including avoidance of unacceptable combinations of a tiki torch and neon lighting, for instance.

When planning and designing your driveway paving you could look at the best examples of garden planning that Basque architect Gaudi bequeath to modern world. His iridescent gardens full of unimaginable beasts and fantastic flowers along winding pathways are a good example what unique creations you can build from scratch, using only your imagination.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

19 Jan

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

We all want to have the backyard of our dreams right so why not start with getting the best outdoor kitchen designs? There are many different choices that you can choose from the first thing would be to pick the theme for your outdoor kitchens as well as all of your outdoor garden decor.  A few ideas are as follows.

  1. The tranquil, park like setting – This can be a great theme for your outdoor paradise. Choose your garden decking to match this theme as well. Think of things that one finds in park, perhaps a pond, a fountain and lots of trees and flowers as well. Keep it simple if you are looking for some peace an quiet.
  1. A tropical Theme – How about sprucing some things up and going a bit tropical? You can design your patio slabs to have a more tropical theme? Maybe a tiki torch style deck, with some tiki wall plaques and bamboo all over the place. Nothing says paradise like some tiki, some would say.
  1. Activity Related – If you have a lot of activity going on at all times in your home than you backyard will probably need to meet these demands as well. You can set up your patio and backyard to cater to the needs of your entire family. If you have some sports fanatics that need room to play around, keep that in mind when setting up the backyard of your dreams. Especially the outdoor kitchens. As if they are in range of footballs and other flying objects, dinner may just never get served.
  1. Romantic themed- This theme is all about the lightning and the atmosphere. Maybe you are just one of those people who love a candlelight dinner? Then why not set up your backyard to be your magical escape and to add some spruce into your love life. Get some gentle lighting, a small table for 2 and a kitchen that you can prepare some elegant meals on. Enjoy dinner under the stars in your romantic little escape.

There is so much you can do in your yard, that the possibilities are really endless. The only thing that can stop the possibilities are you and your mind. So get creative and find the inner you and set up the outdoor kitchen designs of your dreams.

photo credit: ElCapitan

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Furniture Covers – Protecting Your Outdoor Treasures

31 Aug

Outdoor Furniture Covers – Protecting Your Outdoor Treasures

Protecting furniture on the veranda from outside elements such as heat, water and corrosion can be done by using outdoor furniture covers. Aside from the aforementioned elements, a homemaker who wants complete outdoor protection should also watch out for mildew and other unsightly growths because this can cause damage to any equipment left outdoors.


In general, when one’s garden decor and furniture are made of plastic or metal, there is less need for protection as compared with those made of wood and ceramic. For instance, if one’s wicker furniture is made of rattan or teak, outdoor wicker furniture covers are necessary to keep them functional and beautiful. If they are made of wrought iron, the need is not as immediate.

Aside from the material that will be covered, it is also important to consider the cost. Furniture is usually bought in sets. Therefore, when buying covers for outdoor furniture, one has to aim for a whole cover set as well. Size is another important factor. It would not do if they are blown away with strong winds. Thus before buying, one has to measure the furniture accurately.

How about resin patio furniture? Resin is a natural or synthetic compound used as finishing for wooden furniture (e.g. teak) and lends it durability. Because resin furniture are very strong and durable, they are also resistant to salt and chlorine, making them ideal for pools and the seaside. It depends on the homeowner whether or not to put covers on this type since they are a lot more resistant, but home owners might want to consider the overall look and design when we add extra accessories like these ones.

Types of Covers

Patio furniture covers, due to being constantly exposed to external challenges, have to be durable and appealing at the same time. Of course, it would not do if the covers do not complement the patio design.  Most of the commercial patio covers are made of waterproof materials.

The commonly used material for covers is polyester. The 12-gauge polyester with waterproof vinyl is recommended for waterproof outdoor furniture covers. Aside from water protection, this material is able to withstand temperature extremes. This top-quality material also prevents mildew formation because moisture does not reach the furniture.

Fabric covers that contain mesh vents are also advisable because these allow ventilation and prevent mildew growth. They may come with cushions and pads which add to the comfort of the user, should the furniture be used without removing the covers. On the other hand, if the homemaker prefers to remove them when guests are around or when the weather does not call for them, a storage room should be easily accessible.

An outdoor patio furniture cover may be available as slip or may have a zipper or snap. The important thing is that they have to be securely held in place. If they are just blown away or easily removed, then the investment would not be worth it.

Where to Find Covers

Through the internet, one can access many shops which have outdoor furniture covers on sale. Lowes and Frontgate are excellent sources. Plow and Hearth and Restoration Hardware are also very good places for finding just the right material for furniture.

Whether one wants custom outdoor furniture covers, dayva covers with discount or at cheap prices, these places are available to cater to the homemaker’s needs.

Photo: by Waleed Alzuhair **Cortesy of

wrought iron patio furniture

Outdoor Garden Lights

24 Jul

Outdoor Garden Lights

When planning your outdoor lifestyle garden lights will probably be a priority for you. Outdoor garden lighting can lead your guests to the areas you wish them to inhabit so if you wish to illuminate your plant stands as one of your patio ideas, a particularly effective idea is to pop a garden mirror behind the plants to double the impact of the lighting arrangement. This is an effective idea in an enclosed smaller area as it gives the illusion of space, but works equally well as a feature in a vast expanse of garden. Look at the possibility of using acrylic mirror sheets for added safety.

Landscape Lighting

You may be looking for ways to use landscape lighting across a vast expanse of your garden, this type of lighting has its own challenges and you will be looking for ideas and solutions for the specific areas you have designed to make a personal statement about your garden decor. You will probably use many types of lighting to bring different aspects of your garden to life. Flood lighting can also be considered if you enjoy outside entertaining regularly. Dangerous areas are best roped off with signs to indicate the dangers. Although illuminating the area can highlight danger you run the risk of drawing people to the area so sometimes darkness, or the minimal use of solar garden lights to emphasise the danger signs are a better alternative. If you have a vast expanse of garden to cover consider using commercial connectable lights. Led lights are usually suitable for all weather types; so handy for Halloween and Xmas as well as garden or patio lights for the summer months.

Leading the Eye

Outdoor lighting leads the eye, so using garden string lights to draw your guests’ eyes upwards will highlight different aspects of your outdoor space then having a row of solar powered garden lights to light a path at low level. You may have garden art that you wish to highlight and a solar garden light placed strategically will mean that you never have to worry about the cost of showing off your prized article, be it a bronze statue, a stone waterfall or wall art.

Natural Flame

Natural flames compliment enclosed areas and make great yard lights. You may like the reflective quality of a natural flame such as a Moroccan lantern or tiki torch, which will cast dancing shadows on your walls. Do however consider the safety aspect, are you sure it is safe to use naked flame in your enclosed area? You may want to think about low voltage garden lights instead and save the natural flame until all the children are safely tucked away in bed. Where people are consuming alcohol you have to carefully consider the safety aspect. However lantern garden lights often use tea light candles and as they are surrounded by glass are safer options as party lights. Also you may find some tea light wall sconces that are appropriate, perhaps you have some indoor sconces you could appropriate for an evenings entertainment outdoors.

Photo by gnackgnackgnack **Courtesy of
outdoor lighting

Outdoor Wall Art – An Expression of Ourselves

3 Jul

Outdoor Wall Art – An Expression of Ourselves

As we love to bring the outside into our homes, we can now also bring the inside out and today the garden is as much an expression of who we are as our home is. A really good way to make your personal garden statement is with outdoor wall art. There will be many considerations when selecting decorations, the size of your garden space being primary to your decisions. Even the smallest balcony can be enhanced by a simple wall mounted plaque with tea lights, or a metal plant trellis to climb your flowers and along. Modern coatings and paint effects ensure longevity and durability when exposed to the elements, so consider the finishes and life expectancy when making your investment.

Garden Decor Accessories

If you have an abundance of space, you can really go to town with large outdoor wall art. Walls such as the unsightly garage or the old shed can be transformed into that gallery you always wanted making your backyard resemble a studio. Let your personal preferences run wild and indulge yourself. If you are an artist a wall becomes a blank canvas for creating murals, but if not pop down to your local garden centre or go online to check out stores for the best garden art supplies. Most outdoor paints will do fine, but will need sporadic attention to ensure the mural is maintained to a high standard. Consider the children at play though and always make sure your materials are safe and appropriate for the little ones.

Outdoor Garden Wall Art

Outdoor metal wall art is an obvious choice and metal is already part of lots of gardens, with wrought iron hanging basket brackets and metal railings. It is quite simple to add to what you already have, there are some lovely wrought iron wall art plaques, such as lovely leaf design tea light holders that add a touch of romantic lighting to your evenings in the garden. Also consider wall mounted cast iron tables or pot plant holders with a trellis which can bring practical sculpture into the garden.

Another popular metal is blue steel, great for bringing a touch of adventure into the garden; the lovely silver with blued patches lends itself well to nautical themes. The blues and silvery greys can compliment most tastes if you shop around; the ranges available are quite surprising. Look out for color washed items also such as fern fronds with gold highlights on a green wash background.

Outdoor copper wall art is another component of artistic garden decor design and if you have the money why not consider a bespoke copper water fountain for your garden or wall? A truly original creation, that brings the water feature into your garden in a unique and special way. Outdoor wall art plaques can really transform the bland areas adding interest and style. Fine garden art says a lot about you, so whether it’s copper fishes, sculptured tulips or a stylish shimmering dragonfly you want in your pop onto your garden wall, the ranges of garden decor accessories available in stores is quite dramatic and wide ranging. Prices range from cheap pound/dollar store items to state of the art commissions so use your imagination to create your ideal outdoor gallery.

Photo by  knitsteel **Cortesy of

outdoor metal art

Cost Effective Solutions – A Deck Canopy

28 Jun

Cost Effective Solutions – A Deck Canopy

If you are searching for a quick easy and temporary cost effective solution to protect your selves from the outdoor sun a deck canopy could well provide the solution you require. Roll up awnings are a great idea for a more permanent structure, but it could be you need to use your deck shade canopy as an interim solution or perhaps in more than one location, so portability will take precedence for you. When considering temporary patio shade there are a number of options all with pros and cons, what you decide on will be about your immediate requirements.

Considerations for Deck Canopies

It could be you need a very simple pop up gazebo for your outdoor space, a gazebo offers a degree of both privacy and shade and a small light gazebo tent can be moved around as the sun changes position to ensure you always have protection in the area of your garden that requires the shade. Depending on the size you select, as a marquee party tent can be large enough to hold a wedding or other function in, you may be able to accommodate all your patio furniture. Another benefit is that the sides can be opened or closed at will. This function can be useful when eating to keep all the insects away from the food, or perhaps for a romantic interlude away from prying eyes.

Another lightweight and cost effective choice for an outdoor deck canopy can also be a cabana, which is basically a pop-up half-tent that will provide an effective shelter for those lazy summer days. This sort of tent can be as light as 3Kg and they come in UV protective tent fabrics that offer shelter from both wind and heat, often having a SPF50+ sun protection. This solution is also an excellent choice for the beach, but you will not be able to position your patio furniture inside, so if you have elderly or less able bodied amongst you this could be a drawback. However in general, for kids and young adults it’s a great multi use option you can take anywhere.

A pergola is a more permanent structure that allows you to be exposed to the elements and nature it does not usually have a roof as such. However a cover
can be purchased and roofing options such as metal, fiberglass, plastic, and fabric are all available to give you additional protection. Do consider how much UV protection will be gained though as this has to be a primary consideration when making a choice. Pergolas often are crucial items of garden decor and if you are a gardener canopies for decks can be grown with climbing plants and look and smell absolutely stunning when in full bloom.

Suppliers of Deck Canopys

Always research the many possibilities before purchasing, it could well be that shade sails fitted to your existing pergola may be all you need. Look online at Lowes for some great ideas, online shopping can save you money and time. Sears also have a very comprehensive outdoor living section and you can pop into the store for information and advice on the best patio canopy for your requirements. It could be that with expert advice you recognise that in fact a retractable awning is actually what you need. Walmart also have an enviable range of cost effective patio shade solutions well worth investigation.

**Photo on front page: Kansas Poetry**Cortesy of

Outdoor Tents and Gazebos are Useful for a Variety of Activities

9 Jun

There are many different situations that can benefit from the use of outdoor tents and gazebos. Many different styles, sizes and constructions are used for such products, so there is likely to be a product for any purpose. Some are designed for entertaining, while others are more useful for outdoor activities. These practical little numbers can really add to the overall quality of your social life outdoors while enjoying the garden decor, with family reunions, barbacues, parties, etc.

A 10 x 30 white party tent gazebo canopy with sidewalls is ideal for special occasions, such as weddings, anniversary celebrations and other special occasions being held outdoors. Because the product uses sides, it can prevent food and special clothing from being ruined by outdoor elements, such as rain and high winds. It also helps differentiate a special area or activity from others.

A gazebo tent can be fairly quick to put up and take down, if a brand such as EZ Up or something similar is selected. Some products are made with powder coated steel poles, with a canvas or vinyl covering and matching sides. Some models require the use of stakes driven into the ground, for additional stability. Others consist of a hard PVC frame, with vinyl or canvas top and walls. The type or model selected may depend upon whether the product is used on a concrete patio or in a large yard.

Regardless of the purpose, these products are available in a variety of price ranges, so there is a model available for the tightest budget. It is still wise to consider how and where the item will be put up. Some products require many sets of hands, while others require only one adult.

A typical 10 x 20 white party tent gazebo canopy with sidewalls will probably require at least two adults to set up and take down. You should consider the amount of time that will be required for setting up and tearing down the item, if it is used for a special occasion in which a specific location has been reserved. There may be time limits that help you decide on the most convenient model.

There are products designed specifically for outdoor activities, such as camping, like for example the Ozark Trail hanging tent gazebo. This item sleeps up to five people, is weatherproof and sets up in a few seconds. It features a full floor and windows with flaps for ventilation. For around $60, this product is great for those who frequently enjoy the outdoors and makes camping a family activity, so don’t forget your camping guide before your start your adventure outdoors. While this product is a great value for those who enjoy spending time in the outdoors, there are other portable gazebo tents available as well.

The 10 x 20 EZ Pop product serves as a great shelter for use with or without a pop up tent. It features a steel frame and a green canvas top. Optional sidewalls come in green as well, though it also includes unique vinyl see-through windows. While this product can be used for many different outdoor activities, it can also serve as a temporary storage or cover for a car, ATV, dirt bike or outdoor tools. This highly durable product costs around $150 and is definitely multifunctional.

Advantages of Portable Gazebo Tents

9 Jun

Advantages of Portable Gazebo Tents

There are many times when we need a portable form of cover for an outside event.  Portable gazebo tents will meet those needs and exceed them.  This new breed of outdoor tents and gazebos stand ready to meet consumer’s needs.  They offer an array of options to help customize the space to each person’s individual needs.  They are easy to put up, durable and stylish.

Unlike the wooden gazebo or other type of solid structures, this type of gazebo tent works well for business applications.  If you pair the 10 x 30 white party tent gazebo canopy with sidewalls you have the perfect environment for a vendor booth.  The tent is easy to set up at local fairs, swap meets and other venues.  Set up can be accomplished by one person in just a minute or two.  The heavy-duty canvas top looks great in plain white but they have a festive array of patterns to choose from. It protects you and your products from the sun and rain.  The zip sidewalls help further define your space and protect it from the elements.  When leaving it set up overnight zip the front and all your items are protected and contained.

These would also be great when a business wants to set up an outside event. Events such as employee appreciation or customer appreciation days.  It puts together the perfect centerpiece for the event.  A place to register participants, offer promotional items or serve food.  It does not have to be put together or put up until you are ready to begin.  Having two or three of these on hand is a smart and economical idea.

These versatile tents have great appeal when camping or even going to the park for the day.  They are lightweight and easy to carry.  Perfect for anything you need, instant shade from the sun or rain. A backyard birthday party or even a family gathering to enjoy the garden decor will benefit from the comfort they will provide.  A day at the beach might last a little longer if you have a place to sit in the shade for a while.

Set one up at your campsite to make the perfect area to prepare and eat food.  It also creates a protected environment for field dressing game on hunting or fishing trips.  It helps you get through those spring and summer showers with ease.  The 10 x 20 white party tent gazebo canopy with sidewalls offers a little more portability than the bigger tent. They both come in their own carry case.

There are many different manufacturers of these types of portable shelter.  The Ozark trail hanging tent gazebo can be purchased at most mass retailers.  Most of the brands feature heavy-duty canvas tops that protect against sun and rain.  Sidewalls options include a canvas zip on sidewall or a heavy clear plastic zip on sidewall.  The frames are of good quality metal.  Most brands offer a one to two year warranty. They will last for many years depending on use patterns.  Once you own one you will find more and more reasons to put it to use.

Ozark Trail Hanging Tent Gazebo – The Rugged Side of Gazebo Tenting

8 Jun

Ozark Trail Hanging Tent Gazebo – The Rugged Side of Gazebo Tenting

When the word gazebo is used in reference to tents, the first pictures that come to mind are the white wedding types or the backyard pergola versions.  The Ozark Trail Hanging Tent Gazebo takes to the woods with a roomy tent that can sleep five people and hold two queen air mattresses. It is fully weatherproofed and is a one-piece unit, meaning that the floor is securely stitched to the body of the tent.

This tent does require the purchase of a frame called FirstUp Canopy, which is available from online retailers for less than $100. This Ozark Trail gazebo tent hangs on the frame perfectly and the frame itself is a snap to put up.  The best feature is that this tent is big, 10 x 10, and because of the frame, the center of the ceiling is so high that those who are over six feet in height can stand up and still not have their head hit the tent’s top.

Even those who are not campers will find this Ozark trail canopy tent product to be useful. Just think of having a great, roomy, covered area when tailgating in the shadows of your favorite sports stadium. Outdoor family gatherings become so much nicer when there is shade and protection from pesky insects, using the FirstUp canopy and frame.

There are also a number of portable gazebo tents on the market that are of the more traditional variety. Today’s versions feature easy and efficient set up, in fact, some can literally be put in place in just a minute or two. These portable models are fairly light in weight and include a carrying case. It is possible to get a steel frame and canopy for about $150 online and some even come with sidewalls and doors that can be removed or added to meet every occasion and event need.

When it comes to outdoor tents and gazebos, the Coleman Sundome is worthy of consideration. This tent can sleep five, is spacious and is a full 72 inches in the center, making for a lot of headroom. It is easy for most to set up having only two poles and clip attachments. The instructions are even sewn into the carryall bag, making sure they never get lost. The company is justifiably proud of its weatherproofing, something they refer to as “WeatherTec.”  The tent material is polyester and treated with a coating that uses anti-wicking webbing and zippers.

Warm weather means outdoor gatherings, parties under the stars, weddings or just family and friends enjoying the garden decor. When a large tent is needed to accommodate these types of events, most automatically think about renting rather than owning a white party tent. Today’s online retailers are quickly changing these thoughts as they offer a number of reasonably priced party tents that may actually cost less than a rental unit.

A 10 x 20 White Party Tent Gazebo Canopy with Sidewalls is a great option for a number of backyard and commercial uses. Retailing for as little as $150, the tent can provide shelter from sun and rain for up to 50 people. Trying to rent a tent to accommodate this many can actually cost nearly twice as much as buying one. Features include the framing, which is coated to resist the ravages of time and weather. The cover is water resistant polyethylene and the unit can be used either on hard or soft surfaces.

Finally, for those who my be hosting big events, the 10 x 30 White Party Tent Gazebo Canopy with Sidewalls is the ultimate in event tenting. It comes with two end walls and a full six sidewalls, all of which are removable and can be used in various configurations. Velcro is used to attach the walls making it easy to put them up and take them down. The sides have nicely sized windows with panes, allowing the outdoors to be viewed from inside the comfort of shade and protection from other weather elements.

10 x 20 White Party Tent Gazebo Canopy with Sidewalls

8 Jun

Any well-organized outdoor function must have a rain contingency plan.No matter what the forecast for the weather might be, Murphy’s Law says that if you do not have a backup plan it will rain. A fantastic way to still enjoy the ambience of an outdoor function yet provide for inclement situations is to use a gazebo tent.

The contraptions are elegant enough to be used at the most formal of affairs yet versatile enough to suit any purpose. The 10 x 30 white party tent gazebo canopy with sidewalls is a popular choice for weddings. Often when the sidewalls are down they can feel claustrophobic and give that circus feeling. These tents have windows built into the sidewalls so that they can be drawn during the day and still let in the light. They also keep the look open and airy so that you can enjoy the environment. Crisp white structures have a way of bringing a touch of class and feeling of security to even the most formal of outside events.

Portable gazebo tents make great outdoor stands for a variety of events. It is common to see them used at conventions, markets, and garden decor fairs, indoors and out.  The set up is very quick and easy. They come in compact rectangle shaped canvas bags. Inside the bag are the only things that you need; the frame and the tarp.  Pop open the frame and fully expand it. Then you place the canvas tarp over the top and secure it down with the provided attachments. The lightweight frames fold down just as easy and come in sizes small enough to fit in the trunk of a car.

Functions and events are not the only times that you can use structures of this type. The Ozark trail hanging tent gazebo is an excellent choice for camping. It converts a standard frame into a fully functioning camping tent.  It comes complete with a floor and double layer screen zipper door and windows. All the features that are needed for comfortable, weatherproof and bug proof camping.  The added benefit is the exceptionally roomy dimensions of this type of tenting over standard dome tenting.

There are a myriad of uses for the 10 x 20 white party tent gazebo canopy with sidewalls or any of these structures in general. You can use them in a professional setting or personal setting. It does not matter if you the use is formal or casual because there is a design that can accommodate virtually any use. They come in all different dimensions, materials and designs.  More and more uses are being thought of for them all the time. From backyard parties to black tie functions to rough and tumble camping trips, outdoor tents and gazebos have it covered. Certainly, they are an option in the event of rain but the structures also provide a break from the hot sun as well as a driving wind.

Even if the weather is perfect, the touch of elegance that one adds to any setting is a good enough reason to use it. It is a structure that can be used many ways for many reasons indoors or out.

10 x 30 White Party Tent Gazebo Canopy with Sidewalls

8 Jun

10 x 30 White Party Tent Gazebo Canopy with Sidewalls

A 10 x 30 white party tent gazebo canopy with sidewalls is a great choice for any outdoor event this summer. It can provide shelter from the sun and from rain showers, and can be used for public events or private parties.

If you are organizing any kind of a large outdoor event, a trade show, or even a summer wedding, a 10 x 20 white party tent gazebo canopy with sidewalls is a good size and a popular choice for many celebrations and parties. These are often used for professional trade shows and can be decorated with company logos and brand names, but they can also be suitable for private use.

A gazebo tent is a welcome addition to any summer celebration, be it a wedding or a garden party, a barbeque dinner or a family get-together – or just as part of your garden decor. If the weather is hot and sunny, it will provide cover from the heat and protect from sunburn and heatstroke. If your guests have to spend hours outside in the heat of the summer, they will appreciate some protection and shade. These come in a variety of sizes, so whether the event is a small dinner in the garden or an event for the whole neighborhood, it is a good idea to invest in one of these handy tents.

Portable gazebo tents are also convenient for daytrips and excursions to the seaside. Put one up on the beach, and you will be have some shade even in the midday sun. Kids will be happy to play under the shelter and you can enjoy a picnic or have a relaxing afternoon without worrying about getting burned in the sun. Outdoor tents and gazebos also give shelter from rain showers and can be essential when you want to organize a party this summer.

When shopping for the most suitable model, remember to check that it is fire retardant, a very important feature especially if it is going to be used in barbeque parties and other celebrations where there might be a fire going on nearby. Most of the materials available today are both fire retardant and waterproof, making them usable in all kinds of weather, but make sure to double check with the sales person.

Once the party is over, most of the outdoor tents can be used for several other purposes, including setting up a temporary garage for a motorbike or even a car or a boat if the size is big enough, or a temporary storage space.

Many of the products on the market are very easy to put up and take down, and setting one up will often take just a few moments. Some of the easiest small tents can be put up by a single person, while the bigger ones require two people. Most of the time there is no need for any special tools or other appliances.

Whether you are looking for an Ozark trail hanging tent gazebo or any other popular models, there is a wide variety to choose from and something suitable for every occasion.

Outdoor Decor: Patio Paving

8 Jun

Outdoor Decor: Patio Paving

You will be looking for best garden decor ideas if you are considering patio paving. The range of patio slabs on the market may confuse you so it is a good idea to thoroughly research to establish if you can afford natural stone, or need a cheaper alternative with a similar look or feel. Prices do vary but it is a good idea to set your budget and work within the budgetary constraints you have or you could get carried away.

Paving you can choose from:

  • Flexible Paving
  • Gravel
      • Shingle
      • Crushed Stone
      • Path Gravel
      • Tarmacadam
      • Asphalt
  • Natural Stone
      • Setts
      • Pebbles
  • Reconstituted Stone
  • Brick Paving
  • Timber Paving

Garden Patio Paving

Firstly when paving a patio area you need to have a plan of the area. If it is a simple square it may just be about simply getting the measurements correct and deciding which size of patio paving slabs will best suit your needs. However today garden design is popular and the chances are you will want to incorporate some intricate ideas or create circular patios or patterns into your design. Do a few sketches of what you hope to achieve and then investigate the best ways of achieving your dream design.

Design Ideas

Have you thought about edging your patio with bricks, or do you hope to incorporate perfect circles within the design using blocks? Do you want lawn areas edged in stone or are you incorporating a decking area into your garden? You may aspire to have graceful curves connecting different aspects of the garden?  If so you will have to think quite strategically about your design and it may be worth getting a garden designer to help you. It is important that every measurement is correct and when you are using patio paving stones to create shapes or curves you may have to cut your materials to size. To reduce both cost and waste you may decide to alter your plans to incorporate the off cuts into another aspect of your designs.

Do it yourself

If you are doing it yourself it may be sensible to be realistic and not go for too complex a project. Do it yourself patio paving is probably best started on a small scale to see how you get on. If you intend to do your patio on an incremental basis this is a good way of establishing just how much work is involved in the preparation of the ground prior to actually starting to lay your patio paving slabs. Many people are unrealistic about the amount of preparation needed so do make sure you do your homework and have realistic expectations of the job in hand.

Simple Ideas

If you want a fairly quick and easy solution the simplest ideas may be to examine patio paving kits. Many suppliers are aware of the complexities involved in garden planning and have taken a lot of the work of the planning stage away by introducing a selection of patio paving stone ideas to fit a pre determined standard space 2400mm by 2400mm for example, that will accommodate most patio areas. Stone circle kits are also available and you will really appreciate the benefits of these solutions when planning your patio.

Photo by penywise **Cortesy of


The Scarecrow Water Sprinkler Vs. the Cat and Dog Sonic Repeller

31 May

The Scarecrow Water Sprinkler Vs. the Cat and Dog Sonic Repeller

The sonic deterrent is a fantastic alternative to the scarecrow water sprinkler or jet pack. The main difference being one works with water and the other with sound. The sound repeller works out to be quite a lot cheaper so you are a bit short on spending money for your garden decor, this practical device will repel any unwanted pets or wild animals like cats, dogs, foxes, birds, squirrels, etc by using a sensor that activates when detecting motion (similar to the scarecrow water sprayer, they are both motion activated).

The sound that the deterrent emits is inaudible to human beings and it is also completely safe and gentle to the animals.

Gentle Solutions

The deterrent works with mains adaptor and can be left outdoors at all times. The sound that emits is one that only animals can hear and it deters them from approaching your lawn. It comes with a push button for testing and the height can be adjusted. The repeller will then only activate when it senses some sort of movement, and so it doesn’t consume battery life while just standing.

It is really your choice to decide which one is best for your garden or outdoor area. The water scarecrow is more expensive and will require a hose to be connected as well as batteries (9v). An advantage with the water sprayer is that they can be great fun during the long hot days in the summer time. The young ones in the family will love playing outdoors!

The motion activated sprinkler will guard the area up to 1000 sq feet and it can shoot around 5000 times on one battery, the cat and dog sonic deterrent will emit a high pitched sound that only animals can hear so it can be very discreet.

Safe and Effective

Both devices are effective, completely safe, very easy to use, eco friendly, free from any chemicals,will work 24 hours (giving you peace of mind while indoors) and should come with full instructions. The scarecrow water jet pack will set you back around $50 while the cat and dog sonic deterrent will cost around half that price.

Check for warranty and also if you need to get accessories like mounting brackets or hose connectors if you choose to purchase the scarecrow water jet.

Well known water scarecrows brands are Havahart and Contech. Check out the mega sonic dog, cat and fox repeller by The Big Cheese who also manufactures a specific sound deterrent just for cats.

**See also fox deterrents for gardens

Outdoor Roll up Awnings: What you Need to Know

26 May

Outdoor Roll up Awnings: What you Need to Know

With summer fast approaching you will be looking at ways to keep your family safe from the suns harmful UV rays. The outdoor life is healthy and you will want to maximize the time you spend outside, whilst minimizing the potential harm to your loved ones. The precious skin of babies and children will require a total sun block cream but don’t forget the teenagers who long for a bronzed look, they must also use creams to ensure their skin is not exposed and a healthy tan is obtained. Burning is not only extremely unpleasant it is dangerous to all. You may wish to consider roll up awnings as an addition to safety, your home and lifestyle.

Additional Sun Protection

A practical cost effective way of ensuring your family have additional protection is to invest in a roll up awning. This simple way to create outdoor space, be it an outside dinning area or a place for your children to play, patio awnings are an increasingly popular part of any garden decor. With the added benefit of protecting your furniture and carpets inside the home from the suns harmful rays, to find what is best for your outside area look at all the options to establish your needs.

Establishing Needs

There are many roll up awnings shade structures to choose from and depending on budget and need, sensors can detect and automatically open roll up canopies. In addition to protecting your home from the sun, it is also a great security feature if you are away from home, as it gives the illusion your home is occupied. There are basic styles of retractable awnings. The standard, the full cassette, the half cassette and variations on these will suit most. Do you require electrically operated, fully automated, remote controlled or manual? Think about who will be operating the roll up awning before you decide, as whilst patio awnings can be used by young and old alike, your choice will depend on your family members needs.

Choosing your Fabric

Made from aluminum frames the specification can be individual to your requirements or off the shelf. When selecting the fabric for your roll up canopies, be aware that not all fabrics have the sun protection factor you will require. Polyester or acrylics are the popular choice but need to be easy to sponge clean, be rot-proof with additional PU and UV stabilization. The acrylic tends to be slightly more fade resistant than the polyester. Whites and lighter colored fabrics provide less protection than darker fabrics; however the lighter shades repel more heat. Awning fabric replacement is available so if you have bad awnings, do not despair you can quite simply replace the fabric with a new safer replacement fabric. Full instructions on how to make the transformation will be provided if you do not require the full fitting service.

Fitting your Retractable Awning

For the handy amongst you fitting a retractable awning will be quite simple. Companies offer practical advice, guidance and concise instructions to ensure a job well done. Fitting services are also offered to get the complete look finished

Particularly suited to attic spaces aluminum roll up awnings, not only protect your room from the suns glare but have the additional bonus of saving you money on air conditioning in summer. In the winter they can be rolled up to allow the suns rays to heat your room.

The Motor Home

Recreational vehicles (RV) such as the Faulkner ultra, make full use of roll up awnings and can inspire you. Ideas that work on a motor home adding both space and value really can transfer to your garden, patio or yard.

The Scarecrow Water Jet Pack will Keep Your Garden in Pristine Condition

24 May

The Scarecrow Water Jet Pack will Keep Your Garden in Pristine Condition

Are you finding that constant visits from cats in your local area are causing problems in your garden? If so you have probably tried sprinkling your borders and lawn with traditional deterrents to no avail. Cats can be a real nuisance digging up your delicate plants, but more importantly you may be aware of the terrible implications cat feces can have for pregnant women. If you are not aware you may wish to consider looking up information on the widely documented toxoplasmosis infection. This infection really highlights the need for deterrents and I would recommend a scarecrow water jet pack to free your garden from such potential risks.

This environmentally friendly cat jet spray does not use harmful chemicals, but is a safe and effective cat repellent. A water scarecrow simply uses water to keep your garden free of unwanted visitors, even at night by using an infrared sensor to detect heat and movement.

Quite simply the scarecrow water sprayer helps prevent your garden decor by using a technology that shoots a short sharp spray of water at the intruder. Both the noise omitted by the high pressure jet and the stream of water startle the cat. You will be aware how effective noise is in scaring cats if you have ever used an aerosol spray near a feline friend. They will be off like a shot. The other major dislike for cats is water. So this combination ensures the cats do not make a return visit.

Not a great deal of water is needed to ensure that your garden is cat free, so you do not have to worry about water conservation. Using a standard hose pipe connection and a 9v battery it is a really simple effective addition to any garden blighted by small animals disrupting the tranquility you are attempting to create.

With your new scarecrow water jet pack you will make sure your garden is always looking pristine and free from unwanted visitors. It offers a gentle way of scaring animals away and the beauty of it is that you can rest peacefully without having to peep outdoors all the time knowing that your garden is safe and looking as glorious as it is meant to!

**See also fox deterrents for gardens

Garden Decor Ideas: Garden Clocks

20 May

Garden Decor Ideas: Garden Clocks

Gardens really are the new indoors; we all want to bring the outside in and inside out nowadays. Garden design is big business and you have probably put a great deal of thought, hard work and hard earned cash into creating your own beautiful oasis. No matter how large or small your garden is, one garden decor accessory you may have overlooked is garden clocks.

With so much effort gone into the planning or landscaping of your outside space; you probably like nothing more than laying in your beautiful lush environment with a glass of wine soaking up the sunshine. Outdoor garden clocks can be a real asset when you are trying to escape the world.

The mobile phone is safely tucked away indoors; you can’t hear the land line ringing away as you lounge, dreaming of the holiday that’s coming up, or just past. The garden thermometer is moving up towards 30 degrees. The only thing to interrupt your thoughts today may be the school run. Of course you need the time to jump into the shower, wash of the sun cream, pop on the sun dress, style your hair and make yourself presentable before you dash out.

Available Options

When you need a time check a garden clock is the answer, you can tell the time without having your quiet time disturbed by all the technology that the modern world dictates you must have. Having said that la crosse technology clock have a wonderful selection of high technology clocks, often combining garden wall clocks with a garden clock thermometer.

If you prefer a more traditional outdoor wall clock you may want something along the lines of a station clock, or perhaps a slate effect outdoor clock. The classic garden wall clock is worth looking up also. Whilst you’re browsing don’t forget the range of greenhouse clocks you can also have a look at for your shed or greenhouse. The types and styles of outdoor clock are many and varied, only you will know what best suits your lifestyle and tastes. It is always good to compare and contrast before making any decisions especially where the budget is concerned.

Have you even heard of let alone considered an outdoor atomic clock? They use wireless technology to ensure the time is always correct and often combine an outdoor thermometer, useful for those unpredictable spring frosts.

Another type of outdoor clock worth considering for perfect time control is the radio controlled clock an excellent source for accurate time. Of course you may just have a small garden or a city balcony however that’s no reason not to treat yourself. A garden wall clock can easily be attached to your flat or house wall to allow you to enjoy the last moment of sunshine before you have to get back to reality. If you are worried about the weather look at garden clocks UK that way you can have the added sense of security that they can withstand the English extremes of the UK seasons.

As you explore the many aspects of garden clocks be sure to consider all the points mentioned. After all, time is something that is always moving on and we can’t afford to ignore it.

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Garden Decor Ideas: Garden Mirrors

13 May

Garden Decor Ideas: Garden Mirrors

Many people choose to decorate their gardens, patios and outdoor spaces with garden mirrors for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Mirrors for garden are both elegant and mysterious and at the same time can add extension to any surroundings, which is especially handy when your patio or garden is small or you just want to expand without any effort whatsoever. Outdoor mirrors can achieve the illusion of bigger and more extended space in absolutely no time – all you have to do is place it/them in the right place and your garden will double its size instantly.

As a decorative element, the patio outdoor mirror has become extremely popular in recent years. Gone are the days when they were just purely functional objects. Their presence is no longer confined to the rooms inside our homes, more and more people choose a garden mirror to add to the outdoor atmosphere.

There are a lot of different designs to choose from; gothic style, circular, cast iron, Tudor or Georgian, arch mirror, Renaissance, Morocan, Roman or classic, with or without shutters, cast iron or trellis mirrors. In terms of frame materials there are also a vast range of choices: glass, acrylic, plastic, wood, metal, etc and you can find them in all sorts of sizes and colours.

The beauty of outdoor garden mirrors is created by the way in which they add space and a special spark, making your garden look absolutely stunning.

Garden Mirrors UK

In areas where the weather conditions are poor and the sun doesn’t come out much throughout the day, the mirror garden offers spots of brightness as well as adding that special touch, making your outdoor area look more like a a secret garden in a fairy tale. Bring out dull or dead corners, add to your garden decor and create illusion and magic with this versatile accessory.

Also, when the weather gets really cold or during the winter, you could bring your outdoor garden mirror indoors as most of them are suitable also for decorating your home.

Mirrors in the Garden Add Light and Space

Light and space are the two common denominators when it comes to the garden, patio or yard. Enhance these two features with your new addition. Go even further and play with style and design, mixing different mirrors in garden different areas but keeping the same theme. Gothic garden mirrors are very popular as they add drama to your outdoor area. In addition to their ornamental function and usefulness when it comes to visually expanding any area, make sure you place them in strategic places according to your general garden decor, your garden furniture layout or where it can enhance any available light. Think of other available options; mirror planters also add an extra functionality and can look astonishingly beautiful! The trellis option is also attractive to the eye plus multifunctional.

Another way to add reflection and spark to your garden is with the aid of water. There is no better food for plants than a good dose of cool water. When designing your garden, consider allowing room for a small garden pond as the water will offer you a fantastic mirror effect, which will beautifully reflect the landscape around it.

Tip: When placing your garden mirrors you will probably need the help of two people; strategy is key – if you do it on your own, when standing back you will notice that the mirror will probably reflect the sky rather than its surroundings. Also, you want the viewer to look at it and be able to see the rest of the garden from almost any angle. To achieve these two important elements you need someone to hold it while you check what is the patio outdoor mirror or garden mirror reflecting when you stand in different areas of your garden or patio.

A mirror garden is the perfect way to reflect the beauty of nature around you as you enjoy your mellow summer evenings, they create the illusion of space and can easily double the size of your outdoor areas!

*Photos: different styles of mirrors for the garden*

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jimwolffman
garden mirror

Creative Commons License photo credit:: James UK

outdoor garden mirror

Creative Commons License photo credit:: by

gothic garden mirror

As you can see, the different styles provide a different feel and look, so keeping it close to your existing decor will be extremely important.

Garden Art with Decorative Elements

13 Jan

Decorating and cultivating a garden is a joy that goes beyond the simple fact of growing plants and flowers, and working on your garden art is a delight that is not only good for your garden decor but it is also good for you in terms of working face to face with nature and health due to the physical work involved.

Decorating a garden can be a relatively easy task. It is an area of our homes that demands attention and deserves to look beautiful, nice and pleasant. There are many elements you can add to your garden in order to beautify it; these elements should enhance a particular look you are trying to achieve and match the size and style of your outdoor area while at the same time not becoming the sole focus. Sculptures, metal, pots, glass, benches, arches, water features, birdhouses, planters, gnomes, these are all features you could add to your garden to decorate it accordingly.


Some people find it difficult (especially when they first start to decorate their garden) to find the right garden art ideas, and they wonder if they are doing it “right” due to the lack of experience. What you should consider first is the major factors like weather, type of plants your garden already has (or you’re planning on growing), size of the outdoor area, colors that blend, landscape general design and your own experience.

Harmony and practicability are both important in general when designing a garden and adding art to it. If you are tired of the way your garden looks, or you find it to bland or lacking in personality, sit down and draw a sketch on where things could go: you might find yourself drawing a few sketches until you find the one you really like.

Outdoor Garden Art Sometimes is About Lateral Thinking

Think of other ways to enhance areas that are not obvious when we first look at the garden like corners or certain spots. Add curves where there are straight lines by placing a nice garden arch, and create different environments by the use of slabs, grass or gravel.

A ponds is a great addition to any garden, water features are just the right thing to add freshness. You could enhance your pond with tiki torches that go around making it dreamy around the evening and night time; or adding big pots with very colorful flowers to bring even more attention to the spot.

Outdoor metal wall art has been popular for a long time now. Copper vines and whirligigs, even masks are some of the features people add to their green environments making the garden a gallery that displays beautiful features.

Sculptures are great for adding a definite focal point. It will bring to life any corner that was not noticeable before but you have to make sure it is not taking over your entire garden decor. While some people might find garden art sculpture “a bit too much”, it is true that once the statue is place in the right place and attends to the needs of respecting size and style of the garden, it creates a wonderful atmosphere that many people admire and copy in their own homes.

Use light to brighten up certain areas like paths or areas where you sit like a bench or where your garden furniture is. Some solar lights are really inexpensive and will save you the hassle of having to fiddle with the electric fittings (plus saving you on the bill).

Bird watching is always beautiful and peaceful; add a birdbath fountain and feeders near the house so you can enjoy their company. Some people add as many as 20, 30 or 40 and their house becomes a paradise in the early hours of the morning. Also, the right flowering plants will ensure you a beautiful butterfly garden.

Lateral thinking is a must if you want your garden to display personality and originality: candelabra, wood carved, masks, handmade pottery, vases and even paintings that you can display outdoors.

For your garden wall art display different planter holders and plant hangers; they can not only hold your pots but they will add decor to the walls of your garden decking or patio areas. Welcome signs and old candelabra add a touch of individuality, while metal wall sculptures next to a brick wall will beautify the area.

So, start sketching out your new garden adding the new elements like water, pots, birdhouses, statues, metal art, chairs, benches, fences, arches, torches, candles and paintings for your walls.

Whatever your choice of garden art, make sure in the end the area is comfortable while at the same time original and pleasant to the eye. Overdoing it will not help; there are many options for you to decorate the garden with and don’t forget that this very special part of our home deserves lots of care and dedication.

Garden Art: Statues Bring Corners Back to Life
Creative Commons License photo credit: Horia Varlan