What you Need to Know About Your Birdbath Fountain

3 May

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A birdbath fountain not only can look very beautiful in your yard or garden but it can also be very inviting for lots of different types of birds. If you enjoy watching these lovely creatures, like to listen to their melodic tunes while getting ready in the morning, there is no better addition to your outdoor space. When it comes to being indoors, why not adorn your place with bird decor accessories? It’s becoming a popular concept and many people who have a passion for birds like to bring this theme into their homes.

There are many different birdbath fountains in the market, but the right one will surely see your visitors coming back again and again. Birds will most definitely amuse you while bathing, chirping and drying in so many different ways: a real spectacle that shows one of the many beauties of nature.


Your birdbath fountain should have a shallow sink; less than eight inches is desirable. You should be able to fill it with only five centimeters of water; greater depth might cover the whole of the bird’s body, jeopardizing plenty of visits.

You will be able to find many different birdbath fountains’designs in garden centers, but try to choose one that has a rough surface, the reason being because many of these fountains tend to be slippery and do not provide the right surface for the birds to walk on them safely.

Place your birdbath fountain in a sunny spot away from trees and shrubs so that birds can watch out for other animals approaching. A good idea is to place the fountain somewhere in your garden that you can view from inside your home.

Locate it near a sink or where water is available so you can easily fill it and clean it. Use clean water and fill every two or three days during the summer to prevent algae.
If you own a patio heater place your fountain near it during the winter season to ensure the birds will approach and use it.

The beauty of a birdbath fountain

Beautiful birdbath fountain, photo by by kretyen – Courtesy of flickr.com

Make sure you constantly and consistently fill the birdbath fountain. When birds are left without water resources they could near undesirable places such as air conditioners your pet’s water bowl.

Do not place your fountain under bird feeders or perches. Droppings can fall on it and spoil the water.

The beauty of birdbath fountains is that they are a very inexpensive source of entertainment and you can find them in many garden centers.

You can find your fountain in all sorts of materials: plastic, copper, concrete, stone, metal, etc. When choosing think of your garden decor and how you can enhance it with the right choice.

If you live in a cold area you might want to consider a solar birdbath fountain to ensure the water will not freeze – if you get enough sun in your garden that is! They are very practical and you don’t really have to worry about wires, sockets and plugs.

During the summer you will see many different birds coming to your garden to enjoy the fresh water. Birds can bathe many times a day if the weather is really hot.

A birdbath fountain is most definitely a great and beautiful addition to any garden.

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