Avoiding Azek Decking Problems

14 Mar

Azek Decking is one alternative to having a wood, concrete or steel deck.  This PVC product is touted as “low maintenance”, but don’t be fooled if a salesperson tries to tell you that it’s “maintenance-free”.  Like anything else your purchase or own, it must be maintained.  It’s just that some things require less maintenance than others.  Understandably, with today’s busy lifestyles, any product that you choose to enhance your garden decor should be as convenient as possible.  There are some Azek decking problems of which everyone should be aware.  As is the case with all composite or PVC decking products, you will pay a premium when purchasing this type of decking.

Placing Items on your Azek Deck

You will need to take precautions with your low maintenance garden decking.  Take care when placing things on PVC decking such as planters or a gas BBQ.  They should be placed so they line up over the framing on the underside of the deck.   Azek decking is softer than wood and if you don’t ensure that you’re placing either large planters (with heavy soil) or barbeques over 2 of the deck joists, the weight of these items will cause the decking to sag with use.

Spots and Staining

Certain items should be avoided while on the Azek deck surface – sunscreen, insect repellent, citronella oil, cooked or uncooked greasy food or even wine.  Although it is difficult to avoid using items like sunscreen and insect repellent when outdoors, try to avoid applying it while on your deck.  Leaves left to sit on the deck will cause stains.  Do not use tarps or plastic on this deck product because moisture and heat get trapped between the tarp/plastic and the deck surface, causing spotting.  If you use anything like roll up awnings, it’s best to keep an eye on whether there is any rust or corrosion on the units.  When it rains and drips, the water can carry the rust onto the decking causing more troubling spots or stains.   It is recommended to use a conditioning treatment on a yearly basis.  This annual application will aid in maintaining your Azek deck’s appearance and helps to repel stains.

With any exterior product used in patio design, routine cleaning is necessary to keep its appearance looking up to par, but do not use a pressure washer.  It can remove part of the surface of the decking and dirt, grime, grease and even mold can appear in the grooves.  Take care with your patio ideas and know that you may encounter Azek decking problems.

Azek Decking Problems

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